City Park Paver™

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The City Park Paver hexagon is a traditional urban paver shape that is undergoing a renaissance. Available in a variety of special order colors and finishes, this product provides designers with a unique range of patterning options that are impossible to deliver with traditional four-sided paver shapes. A permeable version of this paver is also available for special order, which allows water to flow through when installed on an open graded base, to help manage storm water runoff.


Shapes & Sizes


ColorFusion™ Technology
Random surface colour for a natural granite-like appearance.
EasyClean™ Stain Resistance
An integral surface protection that allows for easier cleanup of spills when they happen, and before a stain can develop.
Commercial Vehicular
Residential Vehicular
Surface Texture


Unit SqFt Per Per Bundle Soldier LnFt Per Sailor LnFt Per Units Per Lbs Per
Stones & Bundling Thickness Bundle Layer Section Stone Layers Sections SqFt Section Bundle SqFt Section Bundle SqFt Section Bundle Layers Section Bundle
Special Order - Lead Time Required. Minimum quantities apply. Sold in full bundles only and is shipped on a refundable skid. Follow installation procedures for brushed and smooth finished.


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