Classic Pavers

This is how the first pavers were manufactured. The product mix of large and small aggregates is consistent, from top to bottom, with color mixed throughout. The Unilock Classic pavers we manufacture exceed all ASTM standards for quality and strength. They’re available in traditional paver shapes and a variety of textures including smooth, dimpled or tumbled.

Brussels Block®

Introduced to North America by Unilock®, Brussels Block is the original tumbled paver. Its timeless warmth, relaxed appearance and tumbled finish reflect the design cues of quarried stone.
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With its wide range of colors, Hollandstone is a favorite for many because of the design flexibility it provides. Available in one size this paver can be laid in various patterns.
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ADA Paver™

The ADA Paver’s textured surface provides maximum traction and acts as an additional guidance provision for wheelchair and pedestrian access to streets, sidewalks as well as providing textural contrast in areas such as train platforms, etc. It blends in well with surrounding walkways made of concrete, pavers and stone.
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Anchorlock’s unique “L” shaped design gives this paver the ultimate in locking strength. Not only does it have six locking sides, but is also capable of sustaining enormous loads due to the two axis upon which the concentrated loads are placed. These properties make this paver ideal for mechanical installation, which allows for economical paving… 
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If you want a cobblestone look with a slight variation you’ll appreciate Camelot. Each paver in this multi-paver system is slightly rounder than your typical cobblestone-style paver. The result is something reminiscent of cobblestone but with a distinctive point of difference.
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Olde Greenwich Cobble®

A flexible paver system, Olde Greenwich Cobble boasts rounded corners and subtly indented chamfers giving it an old and new look at the same time. Sophisticated enough for a contemporary project, yet when incorporated in a more traditional setting, it provides a definite historic flavor to the design. Olde Greenwich Cobble combines rounded corners, subtly indented edge chamfers and a mildly dimpled surface into this multi component paver system, making it look old and new… 
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Optiloc is one of the best solutions for vehicular pavements. While maintaining a rectilinear look and feel, it possesses the same locking principal as its relative Anchorlock which is well recognized by unit paver specialists worldwide. Both paver systems have the dual-axis engineering providing superior surface strength and high traffic performance. Ask us about customizing… 
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Avante Ashlar™

Each Avante Ashlar stone unit incorporates several random shapes with varying textures into one module, giving you a unique natural stone appearance. The exclusive “L” shaped design promotes installation accuracy and lock-up integrity.
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Westport™ Classic

Gentle surface clefts and clean edges give Westport an elegant and relaxed look. The varying rectilinear stone sizes, provide for that classic flagstone appearance that is compatible for both traditional or modern landscapes.
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