Popular Hardscaping Features for the Fall in East Hampton, NY

Popular Hardscaping Features for the Fall in East Hampton, NY


A beautifully designed landscape and patio should be beautiful year round, not just in the height of summer. Finding hardscaping elements that can take your outdoor rooms from summer into fall will help it feel cozy and attractive each season. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate autumnal hardscape features into your East Hampton, New York, landscape.


Fire pits for cool evenings

Consider fall activities that you can incorporate into your landscape. A popular seasonal pastime is gathering around a fire, where you can roast marshmallows or enjoy the stars on a chilly evening. Whether your home and landscape design is rustic or contemporary, there are numerous Firepit Kit designs offered by Unilock to create a stunning and functional gathering spot. Be sure to consider seating around the firepit, such as a curved built-in bench or cozy chairs. The Rivercrest Firepit Kit, for example, offers the perfect rustic touch for a Natural Stone patio and will accentuate the rich textures of Sandstone. This firepit kit offers the authentic stacked-flagstone look of Rivercrest Wall.


Fireplaces for protection against the elements

Another way to include a fire element is with a fireplace, which can be designed for any number of outdoor uses. Place one under a covered pergola or roofed area for an outdoor “lodge” that is partially shielded from the elements. Or, placed at the end of the patio with the stars as your roof, a fireplace can be beautifully framed by the surrounding landscape. Whatever your landscape design style, Unilock has multiple distinctive pre-built fireplace designs on offer, from rustic to modern, for the perfect fireplace area.

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Create movement with natural features

Including movement in your space when foliage and flowers are cut away is another way to keep the landscape interesting during the fall. A fountain or water element creates a point of visual interest and activity year round. Consider using a curved wall to inset a water feature into the corner of the patio, with complementing materials as your patio. The Brussels Dimensional System, for example, has versatile components that let you custom your hardscape verticals, creating curved or block fountains in your patio. Pair Brussels Dimensional System verticals with Brussels Block pavers for a unified look.


Multiple levels to add interest

Using hardscaping in the overall landscape design to create terraced levels will help break up hills or large stretches of ground, which might look dull or bare during chillier months. By breaking up the area with interesting retaining walls, you can create additional planting space for fall perennials and interesting hardy evergreen trees and shrubs. Adding color and texture to the landscape that isn’t dependent on warm weather for growth helps to keep the area visually engaging year round. Consider a wall unit that offers a high degree of visual warmth, such as Estate Wall.


Comfy, colorful furniture

Finally, enhance your hardscapes by choosing interesting furniture that picks up and accents the colors of your concrete pavers and surfaces. Red or rich brown woods bring outdoor areas into the fall with cozy warmth, and complement the changing colors of the foliage around the patio.

The title image features a Unilock Sandstone patio, in the Stone Cliff Grey color option, with a Rivercrest Firepit Kit.


Popular Hardscaping Features for the Fall in East Hampton, NY