Platinum Site Development Inc. Break Ground in the Snow with the Right Winter Safety Precautions in Nassau County, NY

As a landscape contractor, wintertime can have its challenges. However, as Nassau County, NY, based Unilock Authorized Contractor, Platinum Site Development, Inc. know, getting a headstart on outdoor projects can be a huge help during the quieter winter months. For contractors, this means an early start to the season, allowing for greater profit margins for the year, more time to complete initial projects, as well as giving homeowners the satisfaction of starting spring with their new hardscape design already in place.


Here, Platinum Site Development take on the challenge of digging an area in preparation for a gunite pool installation.

The greatest concern that arises with outdoor construction projects in the winter cold is the potential danger it poses to workers, equipment, and materials, not to mention the potential delays that may occur due to the inclement weather. With careful planning and strict adherence to safety procedures, as demonstrated by Platinum Site Development, Inc., however, these challenges can be mitigated.


Crew Safety

The safety of the crew should always be top priority when working in near freezing environments. Crew members should always be dressed appropriately for the temperature and tasks should be tackled in short stretches in order to limit exposure to the elements. Cycling the crew can help to save time while giving the team or team members returning from the cold a chance to warm up in an allocated heated rest area before tackling the job once again.


Keeping Vehicles in Running Order

Inspecting vehicles and equipment regularly will help to ensure that they remain in running order throughout the winter season. Vehicles and equipment should be allowed a chance to warm up before being put to work to ensure that they do not stall at an inopportune time. It’s also advisable that vehicles are equipped with winter emergency kits in the case of an unanticipated snow-in or weather related break-down.


Protecting and Maintaining the Safety of the Site

Ice and snow can be a hazard, not just to the crew, but also to the site itself. Snow and ice should be removed daily before work begins. As the snow melts, it can flood the site, causing delays in proceedings and making the ground that much more challenging to work with. The Platinum crew have limited the amount of snowmelt that can soak into the ground being dug by clearing a wide perimeter around the site. This also helps to prevent the formation of ice as the snowmelt refreezes.



Care should be taken to adhere to the guidelines of specific materials. Gunite, for example, behaves differently at colder temperatures than it does in warm weather. With Unilock concrete pavers, however, freeze-thaw conditions pose little challenge because of their high flexural strength and capacity for expansion and contraction. When laying concrete pavers in colder weather, it’s only necessary to ensure that there is sufficient space between each paver to prevent the pavers from lifting when they expand once again. This can be done with standard spacers.



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Platinum Site Development Inc. Break Ground in the Snow with the Right Winter Safety Precautions in Nassau County, NY