The Platinum Group Demonstrates Safe Poolside Construction in Manhasset, NY

This pool deck project undertaken by The Platinum Group in Manhasset, NY, incorporates a seamless blend of natural stone and concrete pavers. The Sierra color option was chosen for the Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers used in this project in order to coordinate with the pool integrated boulder waterfall feature and the stone veneer housing of the pool pump. While still under construction, the natural aesthetic of the space is already apparent.



Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers are an ideal choice for adding a natural stone look and feel to poolsides while maintaining the durability and reliability of concrete. The realistic natural stone texture of Beacon Hill’s surface not only add a natural richness to the area, but also ensures a surface that is completely non-slip, even when wet. Beacon Hill Flagstone is also guarded against fading, having been manufactured using Unilock proprietary EnduraColor Facemix Technology.



Moderate use of scaffolding was needed in order to effectively lay the natural stone veneer for the pool pump housing. This was facilitated by a pool that had already been drained of water prior to the start of the project. The erected scaffolding serves the additional function of a landing platform for any large chunks of debris that may be accidentally dropped during this process. Dropped tools and large stone veneer cuts can cause chips in the gunite coating of the pool which can lead to leaks. This risk was eliminated by the diligent workmanship of the Platinum crew and sturdy scaffolding planks with a thickness of between 1.5 and 2.5 inches.



The drained pool also allows the crew the opportunity to perform a post-construction cleanup of the pool to remove construction dust and small pieces of debris. When working in such close proximity to a filled swimming pool, measures would need to be taken to protect the pool from construction by-products as these can damage pumping equipment. This can be done with temporary pool covers and protective barriers placed around the pool.


The Platinum Group Demonstrates Safe Poolside Construction in Manhasset, NY