Permeable Driveway Pavers for your Smithtown, NY home


Permeable pavers have a number of enormous environmental benefits that have seen them rising in popularity in recent years. Permeable pavers can contribute to good drainage, reduce stormwater runoff and help keep pollutants out of natural waterways. The permeability of these pavers also ensures that groundwater tables are replenished. In many areas where there is a limit to the surface area covered by non-permeable structures, permeable pavers allow the extension of your hardscape. These pavers are highly durable, non-slip and attractive, ensuring both customer satisfaction and a greener, smarter landscape.

To help you get started with your water-smart hardscape, here are three permeable paver options that you can use to build your driveway:



Not only permeable, Eco-Line is also extremely heavy duty. This paver is the go-to permeable option for driveways that receive consistently heavy traffic. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, with the options of standard, washed, brushed or Enduracolor textures. For ease of installation and quick completion of large-scale projects, Eco-Line can be mechanically installed.



This concrete paver is designed with spacer bars that result in gaps of 7mm in between each block. The gaps are then filled with fine stone chip so the rainwater can easily permeate into the subsoil. Eco-Priora is available in two different sizes and a stunning range of colors, making it possible to achieve a wide variety of laying patterns and accents without having to use different materials. These colors include, but are not limited to, the rich browns of Coffee Creek, the subtle Granite Blend, and a deep Midnight Sky with Umbriano Finish available by special order.


Tribeca Cobble

If you love the look of the cobblestone look of North America’s oldest streets, then Tribeca Cobble is sure to be a favorite. It comes in three rectangular sizes, plus a curb unit, and two neutral color options: Crystalline Basalt and Peppered Granite. Tribeca Cobble also makes use of Enduracolor FaceMix technology, ensuring that the colors maintain their richness throughout the years. Tribeca Cobble is suitable for the heavy duty requirements of driveway use, but because of its natural surface texture, also makes an excellent landscape accent stone.



Turfstone is a permeable option with a difference. These pavers are designed to form a grid structure that can allow you to maintain the greenery of grass on your driveway. Alternatively, the grid can be filled with gravel or sand for unique color effects. These pavers are an excellent solution for providing ground stabilization, or for maintaining greenery in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Permeable Thornbury pavers are equally ideal for patios and driveway. This attractive paver features the natural coloring and rich texture of natural flagstone and is available in a range of unique color options. These color options include a cool New York Blend and the warmth of Almond Grove, Bavarian and Sierra. Thornbury pavers are ideal for creating a driveway that is both welcoming and eco-conscious, and is well suited to creating extended patios where limitations are placed on non-permeable hardscape structures.

The title image features a front entrance and driveway paved with Thornbury in New York Blend.


Permeable Driveway Pavers for your Smithtown, NY home