Pennella’s Landscape Designs LLC Shows the Importance of Proper Fire Pit Installation

When taking in the bird’s-eye view of this Beacon Hill patio project, it’s hard not to notice the stunning coordination of cool and neutral colors used in this backyard design. From the warm grey of the house’s siding, to the grey and white decking, all the way down to the New York Blend Beacon Hill Flagstone patio and deep charcoal borders and accents.

What’s less obvious is the painstaking care that has been taken by Towaco, NJ, based Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC to ensure that even the hidden details of the patio are taken care of. Notice, for example the special refractory heat resistant fire bricks that are being laid as part of the fire pit’s base. Despite the fact that these will be covered over with the fire pit, this is an important element of the design, ensuring durability of the patio and fire feature. It’s common for less knowledgeable contractors to lay a poured concrete bed for the fire pit. However, this strategy can lead to costly callbacks from the client in the near future. Uneven heating of the area, coupled with the expansion of air pockets contained within a poured concrete base can lead to devastating damage. While this damage might remain invisible until the cracked base begins to settle, it will eventually manifest itself as a sunken or uneven portion of patio, and may even cause the collapse of the fire feature itself. With these proper precautions in place, however, the feature is ensured lifetime durability. Also good to know is that Unilock wall units are heat resistant and safe for use in fire pits, fireplaces, fire tables, and grill islands. This allows contractors to confidently recommend Unilock to their clients for all their outdoor fire feature needs.



Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC’s completed project will feature a family-friendly patio linked to the decking area by an elegantly curved Unilock walkway and steps. Alongside the walkway/steps, a Unilock retaining wall will allow for the placement of a raised plant bed in the space carved out by the curve. Included in the patio design, along with the fire pit, is an arrangement of handy permanent seating to maximize available surface area and allow for convenient accommodation of guests.

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Pennella's Landscape Designs LLC Shows the Importance of Proper Fire Pit Installation