Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC Pool Patio Project in Montville, NJ, Includes U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System

Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC, a Unilock Authorized Contractor based in New Jersey, has just started on a pool patio project in Montville. The project includes a retaining wall built using the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System, which will carve out the space needed for this hardscape. While U-Cara provides an aesthetic backdrop to the pool area, Umbriano pavers will form the stylish patio floor.



With the foundations for the wall in place, the first course is laid. The foundation consists of a course of Universal Base Units placed on top of a compacted gravel base. Each wall unit comprising the first course is carefully lined up. The Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC crew use a sealant between the first course as a precaution against water seeping between the units while it’s being collected by the drainage system embedded behind the wall. 

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Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC Pool Patio Project in Monteville, NJ, Includes U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System


Because U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System Sure Track backer blocks fit so easily together, assembly of the wall progresses rapidly. The drainage system’s filter cloth has been put in place, and the wall stands sturdy at seven courses. This is achieved partly by the slight inset on each proceeding course. Only a few courses remain before the coping is added, and the U-Cara fascia panels are slotted into place.


Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC Pool Patio Project in Monteville, NJ, Includes U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System


The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is a unique wall system in that it consists of Sure Track backer blocks that form the structure of the wall, and U-Cara fascia panels that give the wall it’s unique appearance. These fascia panels are interchangeable and can be easily swapped if a new look is desired. U-Cara fascia panels offer a multitude of different finishes, including Umbriano, Series, Pitched Face, and Smooth Face, as well as a wide palette of color options.



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