Paving Your Pool Deck to Suit the Aesthetic of Your Pool in Wayne, NJ

Paving Your Pool Deck to Suit the Aesthetic of Your Pool in Wayne, NJ
The title image features Richcliff pavers and Courtstone accents.


To make your pool area into a wonderful escape, pay special attention to the pavers as a way to create atmosphere as well as deliver the practicality and functionality you need. Here’s what to know about creating the kind of your pool deck that suits the aesthetic of your Wayne, NJ, pool.


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Choosing Pool Deck Pavers

Although appearance is the first thing you notice, you also want to choose pavers that are safe, easy to maintain, and durable so that you will fully enjoy your pavers instead of fussing about them. On all counts, pavers from Unilock deliver.


Unilock takes safety seriously. Unilock concrete pavers feature non-slip surfaces even when the pavers are wet. Even pavers with smooth finishes, such as Beacon Hill Smooth, are safe for use in wet areas. Beacon Hill Smooth is perfect for a modern-casual pool area.  


Low maintenance is a priority too. Who wants the hassle of dealing with stains left from food spills or pool chemicals? Many Unilock concrete pavers feature stain-resistant finishes, including Umbriano, a stunning granite-look paver that features EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology for easy cleanup before stains can develop; ColorFusion Technology, which incorporates real granite pieces for a rich granite appearance with amazing depth; and EnduraColor Facemix Technology for long-lasting color.  


A new pool deck is a big investment and you want to be sure it will yield many years of enjoyment. Unilock concrete pavers are manufactured to withstand summertime fun, when people tend to drag patio furniture around and the hot summer beats down with relentless intensity. Summer comes to an end all too soon but fortunately, the freeze-thaw cycle won’t affect a concrete paver pool deck, and the space will look great year-round!


What about beauty? This is where the fun enters your paver choice-making. Here are some ideas for expressing your unique design aesthetic:



Bring attention to a rounded or kidney-shaped pool by using large-format pavers such as Richcliff laid in an ashlar pattern and aligned at a 45-degree angle to the home. 


Accentuate the length of a lap pool without making the space feel too narrow by using randomly sized Bristol Valley pavers laid in an ashlar pattern and aligned with the pool.


Colors and Textures

Lighter colors feel cooler on bare feet; however, a pool deck that is too light can become blinding in the glare of the sun, so consider a mid-tone paver if your pool area has no shade.


Even mid-tone Unilock concrete paver surfaces remain cool and comfortable in the summer sun because they shed heat from the joints between them.


The most important color decision depends on the dominant colors of your home, hardscapes, and surrounding vegetation as well as whether you want to create a cool/sophisticated/tranquil poolscape, or one that is warm/relaxed/playful.  


Beacon Hill Flagstone is a textured flagstone-inspired paver that is comfortable on bare feet as well as being swimsuit-friendly—and it looks stunning at sunrise and sunset!



Shapes, colors, and textures combine to create a feeling. You may find that several Unilock products tick all the boxes, so schedule a consultation with a Unilock Authorized Contractor that can help you make the final decision for a poolscape you’ll enjoy for many years.


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Paving Your Pool Deck to Suit the Aesthetic of Your Pool in Wayne, NJ