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You’ve worked hard to make your home a place of comfort and contentment. A Unilock driveway is the exclamation point to the pride you feel every time you come home.
Front Entrance 

It’s where you welcome family and friends and connect with the neighborhood. A Unilock front entrance and walkway creates an inviting transition into your home and connects all the elements of your landscape.


Create a patio that is truly an extension of your home. With Unilock you can craft an outdoor living space designed to connect with family and friends, away from the world’s distractions.

Planters and Steps

Unilock wall products give you the ability to create a variety of vertical structures. Creative features such as outdoor showers, waterfalls and archways are only the beginning of what can be designed.

Pool Decks

It’s the best part of your summer lifestyle; where sun soaked days end with relaxed evenings. Your Unilock pool deck will make a splash even before you enter the pool.


Aside from transforming your outdoor living space into an intimate gathering spot, a safely installed, well-integrated outdoor fireplace brings major design appeal to your landscape

View Landscape Architecture ScholarshipView Landscape Architecture ScholarshipView Landscape Construction ScholarshipView Landscape Construction Scholarship

Ed Bryant
Founder of Unilock

Ed Bryant is remembered as founder of the Unilock Group of Companies and the pioneer who first established a paver manufacturing site in North America in 1972. His passion, collaboration and innovative spirit brought an ecosystem of partners together to kick-start the hardscaping industry - Manufacturers, Dealers, Architects, Installers, and Sales Teams – all working to pave the way forward in a completely undefined space. Ed’s vision of building the industry in a way that benefits many drives us to continue to invest in the communities to which we belong.

The Unilock Paving the Future Scholarship commemorates Ed’s legacy by investing in a new generation of landscape design, architecture, and construction leaders. This scholarship program recognizes students in their final year of study who are active members in their community and demonstrate an ambition of being a thought leader in the landscaping industry of tomorrow.

Jenevieve Schmitt

Kirkwood Community College

Elliot Blake

Algonquin College

Matthew Couturier

Fanshawe College

Emma Cervinka

University of Guelph

Manuel Spiller

University of Guelph

2022 Scholarship Award Recipients

Michael Bednarczyk

Michigan State University

Nate Higley

Michigan State University

Sean Weber

Stockbridge School of Agriculture (UMass)

Andrew Wildes

Stockbridge School of Agriculture (UMass)

Maria Church

University of Rhode Island

Luviana  McLean

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Austin Schiff

University of Illinois

Bryan Stapleton

Purdue University

Anaya Marshall

Ball State University

Jay Sullivan

University of Wisconsin

TJ Hillberry

Iowa State University

Jackson Kincaid

Purdue University

John Harre

Temple University

Samuel Bushka

University of Connecticut

Katharine Schumacher

Rutgers University

Savannah Wright

SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Ryan Crockett

Illinois State University

View Landscape Construction ScholarshipView Landscape Construction Scholarship

Roberto Accomando

Farmingdale College

Ellie Fichtner

Michigan State University

Jonathon Garcia Hernandez

Farmingdale College

Sapana Jay Ghandi

Rutgers University



Scholarship Award Recipients

Nicole Hutchison

Fox Valley Technical College

Trent Maxwell

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Luis Mazariegos

College of Dupage

Mauricio Pavez Aguilar

Fanshawe College

Izabel Wilde

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Amanda Ramsdell

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kazia Rodrigo

University of Toronto

Connor Salmon

Stockbridge School of Agriculture

David Smucker

CUNY The City College of New York






Since 1972, Unilock has built a remarkable legacy of transformation, proudly leading North America in hardscape and paver manufacturing. Built on over 50 years of innovation, from our original trademarked paver, Uni-Stone, to cutting-edge oerings like Elegance, U-Cara, and Umbriano, our products have redefined both function and aesthetics.Along the way, we’ve established connections with the very best designers, dealers, and installers, providing them with an endless
canvas of materials, tools, and business support.

With over 10 billion stones on the ground, our mission is clear: we are deeply committed to the hardscape industry, the dealers who distribute our products to our customers, the homeowners who
purchase our products, the landscape design community who transform public spaces and the contractors who make it possible to put all the pieces together.

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