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Paver Installation

Paver Installation

For Your Paver Installation Project, Choose Unilock Pavers and a Unilock Authorized Contractor

If you have a paver installation project in mind for your home, you can rely on Unilock to supply the paving stones and contractor recommendations you need to make the installation a success. Unilock offers a vast variety of pavers that are as beautiful as they are strong, which explains why more than 10 billion Unilock paving stones have been used in paver installation projects to date.

To ensure that our pavers are installed correctly, we can recommend a trusted Unilock Authorized Contractor for your paver installation project. This experienced contractor can transform outdoor areas of your home with any of these projects:

  • Backyard patio – A patio that is custom-made for your needs will provide the perfect environment for relaxation. Your contractor can create distinct areas within the patio for dining, grilling, and lounging in the sun by defining these spaces with garden walls, steps, and other features.
  • Driveway – A driveway made with Unilock pavers will have far greater character than one that is made with poured concrete. Plus, our pavers have up to four times the strength of a concrete slab, and they will resist stains caused by oils and grease, which makes them ideal for this type of paver installation project.
  • Pool deck – To make spending time around the pool as enjoyable as possible, choose to have your pool deck built with our beautiful pavers. All of the pavers in our selection are resistant to damage caused by chlorine and salt water. Plus, they have non-slip surfaces for safety.

If you would like a free estimate on your paver installation project from a Unilock Authorized Contractor, contact Unilock today. This contractor would be happy to discuss your wishes for your home and explain the many design options you have to choose from.