Patio Pavers with Visual Warmth for Outdoor Living Spaces in Ballenger Creek, MD

Patio Pavers with Visual Warmth for Outdoor Living Spaces in Ballenger Creek, MD

The title image features Bristol Valley pavers and Copthorne accents.


Choosing the right colors and tones for your patio can be a daunting challenge: Do you opt for cool and sophisticated, or warm and welcoming? In this article we will discuss how to choose patio pavers with visual warmth for outdoor living spaces in Ballenger Creek, MD.


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Color Choices for Patio Pavers

While it’s true that lighter colors can make spaces feel more spacious and darker colors can give your outdoor space a more intimate feel, this is just one consideration when choosing patio paver colors. Tone is also important in achieving a warm look. Wherever possible, take home paver samples and observe them in all lighting and weather conditions before making the final decision.


Begin by looking at the exterior of your house. This can be the jumping-off point for any hardscape choices. You probably do not want to try to match the siding materials or color exactly, as this could become visually overwhelming and even boring. Give your patio its own personality by choosing materials that complement the home but don’t compete with it.


Here are six pavers in various styles that come in warm tones.



Give your home a historic feel. Inspired by timeworn European street pavers, Copthorne pavers from Unilock are cast using Reala Technology for an authentic surface appearance, and Ultima Concrete Technology for up to four times the strength of conventional poured concrete. This paver is popular for patios, walkways, driveways, accents and borders, and vertical feature accents. Its warm colors include Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak. For a unique look, you could have three colors blended. This paver pairs exceptionally well with wood-sided homes.



These Unilock pavers give your home unparalleled design options. These larger-format pavers are inspired by flagstone but feature superior durability and ease of maintenance. Richcliff pavers are available in four sizes, including a large rectangle. The warm Pebble Taupe and Dawn Mist colors can be perfect for visually warm outdoor living spaces. Blend the two onsite for an authentic character-filled look of bluestone. 



Brick-style pavers from Unilock are a modern alternative to classic brick. The warm Cocoa Brown or lighter distressed Sable Blend are by no means “brick red” but do offer the texture, character, and warmth of traditional brick. These long, slender pavers can be perfect for curved patios or artistic inlays.



These Unilock pavers can be perfect for sleek, modern patios. The Autumn Sunset color (available by special order) warms up your hardscape while the pavers’ zero bevel edge and granite-like surface appearance make Umbriano a visually stunning paver. Its unique variegated surface is achieved using ColorFusion Technology, which randomly disperses granite particles throughout the pavers to achieve a natural look. Umbriano pavers are factory sealed with EasyClean, making them ideal for demanding applications like outdoor kitchens and dining areas.


Beacon Hill Smooth

These Unilock pavers offer a subtle texture that could be ideal for modern applications where a busy texture is too much. Available in three warm colors—Tuscany, Sierra, and Copper Ridge—Beacon Hill Smooth pavers give you the warmth without the rustic texture of flagstone.


Beacon Hill Flagstone

If you love the natural texture of flagstone, then this Unilock paver delivers. Its rich colors stay vibrant over time thanks to EnduraColor Facemix Technology. The surface texture is very dramatic in the low light of sunrise and sunset, and the large format can be perfect for contemporary homes. Beacon Hill Flagstone comes in four warm colors: Almond Grove, Bavarian, Coffee Creek, and Tuscany.


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Patio Pavers with Visual Warmth for Outdoor Living Spaces in Ballenger Creek, MD