PA Landscape Group, Inc. Adds UniLyft to Their Inventory

There’s no doubt about it, technology is continuously making our lives better and easier. The UniLyft track vacuum paver laying assist machine is the latest piece of equipment from Unilock that promises to add exponentially to contractor productivity.



Winner of the Unilock Awards of Excellence, Best in Show Award 2017, PA Landscape Group, Inc., has recently added the UniLyft to their inventory. The New Cumberland, PA, based company, with the help of Watson Supply Inc and Unilock East Coast is now using the UniLyft to continue their excellent craftsmanship in landscape design and build. PA Landscape Group say that the UniLyft by Unilock will allow their crews to “complete larger, more complex hardscape jobs in a more timely and efficient manner.”

The UniLyft is an advanced piece of equipment that offers contractors the equivalent of superhuman strength and speed while laying both large and small format pavers. 130 lbs Series pavers, for example, can be placed two at a time in a matter of seconds by a single operator. Smaller pavers such as the 8″ x 16″ Umbriano pavers can be picked up six at a time, while the UniLyft’s sideshift feature automatically creates a half stone offset for optimal efficiency when setting intricate laying patterns.

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The system works by creating a powerful vacuum that will attach to even highly textured Unilock Richcliff pavers, while air pressure makes even the heaviest load feel virtually weightless. What this means is that a single person can lay up to 10 sq ft of pavers per minute without even breaking a sweat – that’s more than a two or three man crew! – and without the strain on workers.

Click here to find out more about how the UniLyft can help you cut down on labor costs, increase the amount of projects you’re able to complete in a season, and ultimately help you make more profit.



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PA Landscape Group, Inc. Adds UniLyft to Their Inventory