Opt for Natural Stone for Your Tropical Landscape Design in Columbia, PA

Opt for Natural Stone for Your Tropical Landscape Design in Columbia, PA

The title image features Unilock Natural Stone.


Natural stone and a tropical getaway can be an ideal match. The appeal of natural stone is each stone’s individual character, which fits perfectly with a relaxed tropical feel. If you’re wondering whether natural stone is right for your landscape design project in Columbia, PA, you’ll want to know about its benefits.


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Why Choose Natural Stone?

Unilock Natural Stone can be considered an ideal choice for many patios, pool decks, and walkways. Even stones that come from the same quarry will have slight color and pattern variations. Individually, they are beautiful. Together, they create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 


Natural stone also fits perfectly with lush tropical vegetation. Whether you love the sandy look of Sandstone—a look that brings to mind endless beaches and turquoise waters, or the dramatic look of black sand and seaside cliffs of Limestone, Unilock Natural Stone can give you exactly the aesthetic you want in your backyard getaway.


Premium natural stone from Unilock can be a fitting choice for wet areas around pools or hot tubs thanks to its barefoot-friendly yet non-slip surface. Keep in mind that natural stone absorbs heat; for optimal comfort, choose the lighter-colored Autumn Harvest, Stone Cliff Grey or Indian Coast shades in Sandstone, or the Hearthstone or Winter Mist in Limestone. The dramatic Black River shade of Limestone is generally not recommended for use in areas that receive direct sun, but it makes a dramatic statement in areas that are shaded in the afternoon. 


Which Unilock Natural Stone Is Best for Your Tropical Getaway?

If you want to mimic the look of a tropical beach, choose the warmer Sandstone colors: Autumn Harvest and Indian Coast. Indian Coast features dramatic veining that picks up the colors of the surrounding vegetation, such as cheerful bougainvillea. Autumn Harvest perfectly mimics a tropical coastline stretching as far as the eye can see. The warmth and texture of these two colors is enhanced in the “golden hour” of sunset. Complete the look with beach-themed decor such as a pergola with a bamboo roof, surfboards, colorful chaise lounges, and beach umbrellas. If your pool liner is colored a tropical blue such as turquoise, all the better! At poolside, use Brussels Fullnose Coping in Sandstone (paired with the Autumn Harvest or Indian Coast Sandstone colors) or Limestone (paired with Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey, or Limestone in Hearthstone or Winter Mist).


If you love the look of a wild beach where silvery rocks meet imposing cliffs, then choose either the Stone Cliff Grey shade of sandstone or the Winter Mist or Hearthstone shades of Limestone. This cool, sophisticated vibe will give your backyard the look of a luxury spa. This look tends to pair best with sleek, understated furnishings, minimalist decor, and monochromatic plantings. For a touch of color, blue hydrangeas look stunning next to the cooler grays of these pavers. Brussels Fullnose Coping in Limestone gives a softer entry into the pool, while Universal Coping in Light Grey keeps the look sleek and modern.


Both Limestone and Sandstone are available in large format sizes for a modern look, as well as custom surface treatments. You can be sure that Unilock Natural Stone will stand up to the demands of poolside living thanks to extremely low water absorption and resistance to flaking or chipping. 

For design ideas on how to use natural stone at poolside, watch the Unilock project ideas video and talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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Opt for Natural Stone for Your Tropical Landscape Design in Columbia, PA