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Ontario Homeowner Rebate

Product Rebate

Receive up to $500.00 cash rebate on Unilock

Elegance® & EnduraColor™ pavers
U-CARA® Wall, ™ ArchiTEXTURES® and Rivercrest Wall®

Rebate applies to residential projects in Ontario installed by a DIY homeowner or contractor.

The specified rebate is for $0.25 / per sq. ft. up to $500 on Elegance™ and EnduraColor™ products, $0.10 / per sq. ft. up to $250 for Windermere™ and Metro™ Slab, and $0.25 / per sq. ft. up to $500 on Rivercrest™ Wall, ArchiTEXTURES™ Wall and U-CARA™ Wall.

Plus an additional $100.00 rebate if your qualifying project is installed by a unilock Authorized Contractor before July 31, 2019.

Download the Product Rebate Form (PDF)

Driveway Rebate

Trade up to a new Elegance® or EnduraColor™ driveway and you could receive up to $500 in additional rebate cash.

Ontario driveway rebate

$500 rebate on projects using more than 1,000 sqft of Unilock Elegance® or EnduraColor™ pavers. $250 rebate on projects using 250–999 sq ft of Unilock Elegance® or EnduraColor™ rebate. (Includes: Copthorne®,Courtstone®, Richcliff®, Town Hall®, Granito™, Promenade™ Plank Paver, Eco-Promenade®, Senzo™, Series™, Tribeca Cobble™, Umbriano®, Artline™, Beacon Hill™ Flagstone and Beacon Hill™ Smooth, Bristol Valley®, Il Campo®, Mattoni and Thornbury™).

Download the Driveway Rebate Form (PDF)