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Why U-Cara Is Such a Versatile Retaining Wall in Cold Spring, NY

Why U-Cara Is Such a Versatile Retaining Wall in Cold Spring, NY

The title image features a water feature built with U-Cara.


Choosing the right retaining wall material can take some time. It’s a long-term commitment, and many people don’t like to stick to just one design style. Today, there’s a wall system that lets you mix and match to your heart’s content. Here’s why U-Cara is such a versatile retaining wall in Cold Spring, NY.


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The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock is an incredibly versatile wall system that gives you unprecedented design options for any vertical feature. Thanks to the many textures, finishes, colors, and sizes available, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind look with just one product line.


This revolutionary wall system has won the prestigious Red Dot Award. U-Cara walls look great, too, and perform with excellence.



The U-Cara system is exclusive to Unilock. It is centered around a concrete “skeleton” made up of two types of Sure Track Backer Block, and faced with your choice of fascia panels.


Use the Standard Sure Track Backer Block for single- or double-sided vertical landscape features including seat walls, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and grill islands, pizza ovens, fire pits, fire tables, planters, pillars, and water features.


Use the Large Sure Track Backer Block for structural applications such as retaining walls up to 3’ high without a geogrid, and up to 20’ high using engineered geogrid reinforcement. This lets you create a stunning terraced effect on the steepest of slopes.


You can also clad existing walls using the U-Cara Wall Mount System. This means you can save time on tear-downs and can simply have your landscapers give vertical features a new “face.” You can also save money on installation thanks to the U-Cara Modular System, an interlocking system that ensures structural stability for any vertical feature.



EnduraColor finishes deliver lasting beauty, whatever your design aesthetic. EnduraColor technology is a two step manufacturing process that combines a base of coarse aggregates at the back of each fascia panel for structural integrity. Wear-resistant fine aggregates and concentrated color are used on the face for deep and rich color that lasts. EnduraColor technology ensures that the surface of the fascia panel will stand up to the harshest weather.


The standard fascia panel size is about 18” W x 6” H. Use these standard panels alone or in combination with smaller 9” W x 3” H accent panels. Here’s where the fun really starts, as you can choose to combine sizes and finishes for a unique retaining wall.


Design Ideas

Complement a wood-sided home with the warm colors and rugged texture of Pitched face fascia panels in Bavarian, which beautifully complements natural landscaping. Add accent bands to add interest. For a subtle accent, using Smooth fascia panels in Opal Blend or Umbriano Mottled panels in Summer Wheat. For drama, add a band of Smooth panels in Steel Mountain. Finish the wall with pitched-edge Ledgestone coping in Buff, or for a sleeker look, choose Universal Coping in Tan.


Complement a modern home with a unique mix of relatively smooth panels with various finishes. For example, you could use the Umbriano Mottled finish in Winter Marvel as the main section of wall, and accent it with a dramatic Series Exposed panel in Onyx Black—that could be an impactful yin-yang solution with impact. The Umbriano finish has a unique ability to catch the light just as natural granite does, thanks to randomly dispersed granite particles. Finish the wall with Universal Coping Light Grey to create an inviting place to sit.


There’s no shortage of choices! Get inspired on the many ways you can use the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System in your landscape in the Unilock Dream page.


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