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Why Pavers Are the Right Choice for Huntington Bay, NY, Outdoor Kitchens


The title image features Copthorne pavers.


Most people would agree that food cooked and eaten outdoors simply tastes better. Outdoor cooking spaces are an opportunity to share memorable times with friends and family. A well-equipped outdoor kitchen, with many of the same amenities you enjoy indoors, will make the experience even better. The materials you choose are very important. Here’s why pavers are the right choice for outdoor kitchens in Huntington Bay, NY.



Pavers Are Low-Maintenance

Outdoor kitchens get a lot of traffic, and it’s a relatively harsh environment if you consider the number of people passing through and the handling of food and drinks. Consider the likelihood of food and beverage spills, cleaning products, and cooking oil—all of which can cause stains. Certain Unilock pavers come factory sealed with EasyClean stain resistance, which makes cleanup a breeze: Simply wipe up spills without worry.


For modern industrial-chic outdoor kitchens, you could choose Arcana pavers. These large format 24” pavers liven up an outdoor kitchen with fresh colors and a unique silky matte finish that comes from fine-blasting the pavers, which feature granite, marble, and quartz particles. You will also benefit from fewer joint lines, which means a cleaner look overall.


For rustic outdoor kitchens that feature a lot of wood, you could choose Bristol Valley pavers. These flagstone-inspired pavers come in two earthy tones that look stunning next to stained wood. The realistic flagstone texture and the protection of EasyClean make these pavers a favorite among homeowners looking for a relaxed outdoor living space.


For elegant outdoor kitchens that are an entertainer’s dream, choose Umbriano pavers. Enjoy the timeless look of granite, in a range of colors that will pair well with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. These pavers’ uniquely mottled appearance is a result of randomly dispersed color and real granite particles, and of course, EasyClean lets you spend more time with your guests.



Pavers Are Durable

You can add warmth and historic flair to your outdoor kitchen using Ultima-fortified Copthorne pavers. This technology ensures pavers that are up to four times the strength of poured concrete. Inspired by historic European street pavers, Copthorne pavers are durable enough for use on driveways—but will look elegant in your outdoor kitchen and your entire patio, too. Or, you could opt for their larger cousin, Town Hall pavers, which can be ideal for visually balancing larger homes and grand landscapes. With both Copthorne and Town Hall pavers, you can achieve a gorgeous and unique look by blending several of the available colors randomly on site.


Richcliff pavers could be the ultimate choice if you’re looking for an authentic flagstone or bluestone look, but with the unparalleled strength and durability of Ultima technology. Blending two or three of the available colors randomly on-site will achieve the realistic look of natural bluestone.



Pavers Are Versatile

Whether you want to make a statement or express yourself creatively, pavers offer the most choices.


You could infuse your outdoor kitchen with a bit of fun with the hexagonal Hex paver. Or you could bridge the gap between tradition and modernism and enjoy nearly unlimited artistic expression with Artline pavers, which feature long, clean lines, seven different rectangular shapes of varying lengths, as well as two finishes.


What you put underfoot in an outdoor kitchen is as important as what goes on the work surface. Choose Unilock pavers for exactly the look and performance you want. Get more inspiration on the Unilock Dream page, or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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