Stunning Uses of Pavers in Hardscape Designs


Concrete pavers are renowned for their versatility and endurance – two qualities you are guaranteed to find in Unilock pavers. In fact, many of our pavers are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology and are four times as strong as concrete pavers, making them perfect for driveways and walkways. Many concrete pavers can add a luxurious or sophisticated touch to the surface they adorn, bringing elements of interior design out onto the patio. On the other hand, many pavers are created to look worn and weathered, giving the landscape an effortless and relaxed appearance. Here are a few ways that you can enhance your property with concrete pavers from Unilock.


Welcoming entrances

This charming entrance has been created using Almond Grove Antara pavers. Their imperfect edges and pleasantly weathered surface contribute to the rustic appeal of this entrance. A combination of different materials has been used to create an interesting entrance with a warm, natural appeal. Large, tumbled stones serve as a rustic retaining wall, complemented by a collection of pebbles. Bringing these unrefined materials into the design results in a sense of effortlessness that visually ties the hardscape to any surrounding plants. The warm brown undertones in these Almond Grove Antara pavers complement the color scheme of the home and work well with the authentic stone that has been incorporated into the design.

Despite the dominant use of organic materials, the steps and pillars have been constructed in a perfectly geometric fashion. This results in a blend of contrasting aesthetics. Ensure that you keep your rustic landscape design in a neatly manicured state to prevent it from appearing unkempt.

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Driveways with added durability

This welcoming driveway showcases the classic, European look of Unilock Courtstone pavers and their compatibility with modern homes. These pavers bear the unmistakable textures of real cobblestones thanks to the innovative processes behind Reala Surface Technology, and are intentionally strengthened and designed to combat the daily stresses of vehicular traffic. They are also highly resistant to cracking as their small sizes result in a more flexible surface that yields to the natural expansion and contraction of the earth.

This homeowner has paired Basalt colored Courtstone pavers with a double border consisting of Old Oak Copthorne and Limestone Brussels Block – a color combination popular for its cheerful, yet sophisticated, appearance.

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If you are looking for a slightly modernized take on classic cobblestones, Camelot pavers are slightly rounded, separated by clean jointing lines, and may be the perfect additions to your landscape.

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Tropical-style pool decks

These Umbriano pavers were selected in the warm Autumn Sunset color variation, a shade with sandy undertones perfect for creating a tropical or resort-like pool deck.

Curves and circles are incorporated throughout the entire hardscape design for a natural, harmonious look. A versatile little island has been planted in the center of this hardscape design and can be used for sunbathing or cozy evening gatherings beside the fire. A wooden bridge provides a safe, charming route to the island and enhances the resort-like atmosphere.

Numerous small lights scattered throughout the patio don’t just add ambience, but also ensure that guests can navigate the dark safely. The pool and its surroundings have been made to look effortless and natural, a look that is only enhanced by a water feature built from irregular stones.

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Accents that make an impact

Large patios often require something to interrupt all their open space. Borders and banding are excellent for enclosing distinct areas and adorning vertical features. An open patio can be organized and brought together by borders that outline different outdoor rooms. Matching your borders to the banding that runs along your pillars and walls can result in a cohesive hardscape design that looks more ‘finished’.

Selecting borders in shades that complement the existing color palette of the landscape can also have a visually unifying effect. However, many homeowners opt for contrasting borders instead, as they add variation to the color palette and make the design more memorable.

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This Series border showcases the majestic impact of the black granite color variation. This is the perfect accent to a large expanse of cold, grey Artline pavers as it creates a striking contrast, yet maintains the sleek contemporary aesthetic that the designer had in mind. Black accent pavers also pair excellently with warm colors, like the Autumn Sunset Umbriano pavers mentioned earlier.


Stunning Uses of Pavers in Hardscape Designs NY