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Picking Patio Pavers for Small Outdoor Living Spaces in Eatontown, NJ


The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone patio pavers with Mattoni accent pavers


Small backyards can be real gems if they’re designed well and they are made using the right materials. To inspire your next small-backyard renovation, here are our tips for picking patio pavers for small outdoor living spaces in Eatontown, NJ.



The Right Patterns

You may want to avoid pavers that are laid in straight lines (such as a running bond). You want to encourage the eye to linger in the space, which will make it feel larger. Straight lines encourage the eye to zoom through the space, and since it’s small, that visual journey is very short, which makes the space feel smaller.


A better solution could involve choosing pavers that can be laid in a random-looking pattern. Unilock pavers that are available in random bundles (such as a large rectangle, medium square, and small rectangle) let you use an ashlar laying pattern, which looks completely random (even though it does have a pattern). A great example of a textured paver that is ideal for small spaces is the Beacon Hill Flagstone paver. Its rich textures also help to keep you engaged in the space. If your patio gets morning or afternoon sun, the texture will be highlighted even more. Beacon Hill Flagstone features blended colors including Almond Grove, Fossil, Sierra, Tuscany, New York Blend, and Steel Mountain.




The Right Colors

You might think that a light-colored patio would feel larger. If it is surrounded by light-colored vegetation, then yes, you will achieve that effect. However, choosing light-colored pavers when the patio is surrounded by dense vegetation could backfire because the difference between the two is so dramatic.


A better solution could entail choosing pavers that blend in with the surroundings: darker tones for darker settings, and lighter tones for lighter settings. Umbriano pavers from Unilock give your patio the chic look of granite but in a low-maintenance package that is also suitable for driveways if you wish to carry the look throughout your landscape. Choose French Grey or Midnight Sky for darker settings, or Summer Wheat or Winter Marvel for brighter settings.


Mid-toned pavers are generally a safe bet for small spaces because then you have the option of changing out your landscaping; for example, adding brighter flowers, planting trees, or replacing some of your lawn with native plants.




The Right Size

Conventional wisdom would tell you that you should use small pavers in small spaces. However, this could become a cluttered and busy look that can contribute to the crowded look. Instead, you could opt for large format pavers (which also give your space a very sleek and modern flair); because there are fewer joint lines, your patio could appear more spacious. Choose Skyline pavers in Medium Grey or Chamois, or Arcana pavers in Vivanto, Corvara, Lugano, and Modena.


If you combine these sleek, modern pavers with dark-stained wood, textured walls, and monochromatic landscaping, the result will be a chic space that’s visually rich and exciting. It will not feel too small.

Of course, there’s something to be said about using small pavers in a small space for added intimacy and coziness. Copthorne pavers from Unilock give you the classic look of clay brick but in a hard-wearing concrete paver. Enjoy the warm, earthy colors (Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Burnt Clay) or the cool, chic Basalt or Steel Blue—an unexpected and wonderful departure from “brick red.”


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