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Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers from Unilock

Selecting a material for your hardscape boils down to two overall options: concrete pavers and natural stone. Each harbors its own unique set of pros and cons, however, making it difficult to choose one or the other. As a result, many modern landscaping projects incorporate both. In addition to utilizing the benefits of both materials, creating a blend of different stones and pavers has a captivating visual effect and results in a truly unique hardscape. Unilock has a comprehensive range of concrete pavers and premium quality natural stone to ensure that you find all the materials you need for your hardscaping project without having to contact a single alternative source.

Unilock concrete pavers

Concrete pavers present many advantages, the most renowned being their incredible durability. The virtually indestructible Unilock Copthorne pavers can withstand harsh weather, vehicular traffic and sun damage without cracking or fading. Concrete pavers also exist in a near-limitless variety of shades and textures, so that choosing a paver to complement your landscape is sometimes easier than finding the perfect natural stone. The only disadvantage that concrete pavers present to some homeowners is that they aren’t authentic natural stone. However, evolving processes such as Unilock ColorFusion Technology are making pavers increasingly identical to natural stone, creating uniquely mottled surfaces and realistic textures.

Invest in premium quality

The Unilock line of premium quality natural stone is not only beautiful, but is also imbued with excellent flexural strength, low water absorption and freeze-thaw durability. Its commitment to long-term performance is supported by the Unilock Lifetime Guarantee – the first of its kind to emerge in the industry. Unilock offers a comprehensive range of bold and subtle natural stones with enhanced surface treatments that are perfect candidates for an equally wide range of applications. The slip-resistance of Sandstone can be trusted for a poolside patio, while the sandy undertones within the Autumn Harvest shade are guaranteed to complement the clear-blue water.

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Combining stone and concrete for a better budget

Building your entire hardscape from natural stone can cause strain on your budget, leaving you with less cash to splash on fun features such as pool accessories, fire features and appliances. There are many practical design options, however, that showcase the luxury of natural stone at a more comfortable price. The solution lies in combining natural stone with affordable concrete pavers. Pavers can be used to create less prominent features, such as retaining walls covered in ivy or hidden behind overlapping plants. You can then save the natural stone for more visible features such as your patio floor and fire pit.
You could also opt for using natural stone in borders, step faces and other accents, as they will stand out and draw attention regardless of their size. Unilock natural stone has a low profile thickness which is well suited to veneering concrete structures. Another option is making your plants the focal point of your landscape, limiting your hardscape to small, simplified natural stone structures that complement and support the vegetation. Examples of this technique include shorter walls topped with extravagant plants and walkways composed of sparsely laid natural stones, while grass fills the spaces between them.

Combining stone and concrete for a better design

Using both concrete pavers and natural stone is a great way to achieve a mixture of shades and textures that will add character and interest to your hardscape. This is one of the standard characteristics of high-end landscaping projects and is guaranteed to boost the curb appeal and resale value of your home. A bright patio, beside a pond or nestled between generous greenery, can be shaped using the Unilock Sandstone in the color variation Autumn Harvest. This stone can also be combined with two similar shades, such as Indian Coast and Prairie Rose, for a more natural look. The visual warmth within the stones can then be enhanced by a double border of Old Oak Town Hall pavers and Granite Il Campo pavers, resulting in a captivating composition of shades and granting your patio a ‘completed’ look.

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An interesting blend of textures is also created by pairing different concrete pavers with natural stone. Il Campo pavers bear the texture of the distinct lines etched across their surfaces, which contrasts against the more uniform, granular surface texture of Sandstone or the less prominent, timeworn texture of the Copthorne pavers. These differences in texture are subtly visible and are a pleasant surprise for bare feet.
Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers from Unilock New York NY

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