Hardscaping Ideas for Modern Outdoor Kitchens in Peekskill, NY

Hardscaping Ideas for Modern Outdoor Kitchens in Peekskill, NY


An outdoor kitchen is an ideal way to spice up your Peekskill, NY, backyard and host incredible get-togethers and celebrations. You don’t have to be a professional cook to enjoy the ease and luxury that an outdoor kitchen offers. Here are five hardscaping ideas for creating an exceptional outdoor kitchen that will quickly become the center of your outdoor entertainment.


Experiment with Flooring

Consider a variety of materials, like natural stone, porcelain tiles, and concrete pavers for your outdoor kitchen. Each material bears its own set of benefits and drawbacks, which you’ll want to weigh against your unique preferences and requirements. Concrete pavers from Unilock are manufactured using various new-age technologies that imbue them with enhanced strength and fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and skid-resistant properties. Give thought to your color scheme and whether a cool gray or warm and sandy floor would suit your outdoor kitchen best. Feel free to draw inspiration from classic designs such as the black-and-white checkerboard style that can be found in so many traditional indoor kitchens.

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Add a Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens have transcended the huge stone dome in which they were originally built. They can now be made compact and feature a range of sleek materials like metals, making them better suited to contemporary hardscape designs. A pizza oven will not only make your outdoor cooking endeavors more interesting but will also heat up the room when it’s not being used to bake pizzas. You could have a space created specifically to store logs, and you’ll appreciate the warm, homely look and feel that they contribute to the overall kitchen.


Set Up Good Lighting

Outdoor cooking occurs after dark more often than not, so ensure that you are prepared for nighttime cookouts. You don’t want to be left with a flashlight between your teeth. A ceiling fan fitted with bright lights will not only keep your outdoor kitchen well lit but will also give it a luxurious appearance reminiscent of indoor design. Sleek lights can be installed above essential workspaces like the grill and countertops. You can also fit lights underneath the edges of countertops to illuminate the floor and make the kitchen appear more spacious after dark.


Stick to Sophisticated Neutrals

The color scheme of an outdoor room goes a long way in determining its aesthetic theme. Stick to neutral shades for a refined, modern design. Nude shades, grays, white, and black can be combined to create a distinctly contemporary outdoor kitchen. These colors always look good when paired and can be mixed in any number of combinations, resulting in a cohesive end-product without fail. Refined wood and sleek granite countertops are excellent candidates for modern outdoor kitchens, as are steel elements and bare concrete.


Generate Perfect Geometry

Modern designs are renowned for their clean layouts and sharp geometry. This also suits the functional theme of any outdoor kitchen, especially those with contemporary designs. Consider constructing a U-shaped outdoor kitchen with sharp corners, for example. Once you have the layout planned, you can place features and appliances to customize the functional flow. For example, you can designate one end of the U-shape to preparation and move on to grilling and the serving of drinks, until you reach the other end. The outer edge of the layout may be lined with bar stools to entertain guests while cooking.


Hardscaping Ideas for Modern Outdoor Kitchens in Peekskill, NY