Form Themes for Stylish Seat and Retaining Walls


Customizing your hardscape includes experimenting with lighting and materials, but ultimately begins with selecting a style, or form theme, for your network of vertical structures. The shapes within your landscape can have a great impact on the aesthetic of your outdoor spaces, as a tropical pool deck might call for sweeping curves while a modern outdoor kitchen would be enhanced by sharp angles and straight lines. With so many styles to choose from, Unilock offers a variety of wall units versatile enough to create anything you envision. Here are some form themes for your hardscape, as well as examples of homeowners who used them excellently.


Geometric walls for a contemporary touch

This fireside wall demonstrates how a contemporary form theme can make a hardscape comprised of rustic textures look modern and sophisticated. Estate Wall, from which this patio perimeter was built, has an antiqued finish that grants it the elegance of time-worn natural stone. This makes the product highly compatible with rustic hardscape designs and can enhance the warm, inviting atmosphere of your fireside. Merging these textures with a geometric form theme results in a warm and welcoming hardscape with a contemporary look.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone is another excellent candidate for walls with hard angles and is guaranteed to contribute towards a sleek finished product that brings elements of the indoors out. Their zero bevel surfaces are reminiscent of the tiles one would find adorning indoor rooms. These concrete wall units are incredibly durable, however, and do not need to be sheltered by the walls of your home.

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Circular or curved retaining walls for effortless atmosphere

This curving wall has been created using Rivercrest Wall in the sandy Buff color variation. This shade pairs excellently with fire features, as its light brown undertones are enhanced by the warm light emitted by the fire. Rivercrest Wall also emulates the look of stacked flagstone, which collaborates well with any natural elements like fire or water features. The use of a circular form theme can also help to create a focal point or define an important outdoor room within the hardscape. While finding materials that are able to create these curves and arcs can be a challenge, Unilock offers an array of versatile wall units that can be used to create virtually any shape you see fit for your hardscape. For example, Brussels Dimensional System is also available in multi-sized, tapered components that can easily be combined into circular designs.



These winding walls once again showcase the stunning textured surfaces of Estate Wall in the Almond Grove color variation. Their curved design highlights the natural look and feel of the pavers, as the spontaneous shapes created help to blur the lines between the natural and manmade. Incorporating a meandering wall into a well-vegetated landscape is just one way to develop a relaxed, ethereal atmosphere.

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Multi-level retaining walls for majestic impact

Creating a system of retaining walls that cascade down your sloped landscape can have a truly magnificent effect on your backyard. It can transform your unruly slopes into levels that can be filled with vibrant vegetation and contribute towards an elegant and sophisticated landscape design. Note how this dramatic stairway leads to a warm fireside gathering spot, which is the focal point that the concentric retaining walls single out. Estate Wall or Concord Wall from Unilock can be used to recreate the classic Old European look of these multi-level retaining walls.

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A fluid combination of arcs and lines

As mentioned before, Brussels Dimensional System comes in an array of tapered units that can be incorporated into an even greater variety of shapes. This kind of wall material is needed when adding both curves and clean lines into your hardscape. The Sandstone color variation has been used to create this sophisticated low wall and is contrasted beautifully by the use of powerful black accent pavers.

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Brussels Dimensional System has a pleasantly textured surface and an irregular edge which also creates a contrast against the modern materials in the hardscape, like the wall-mounted television. Brussels Fullnose coping is smoother, helping to gradually blend the rustic textures and more sophisticated elements in this hardscape. Low walls often double as casual seating space, making the smooth surface of this coping ideal for protecting clothing from damage. Concord Wall is similarly versatile and can also be used to create highly stable curved walls.

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Form Themes for Stylish Retaining Walls in NY