Dreamy Pool Designs for Summer Fun

The design of your swimming pool can define the aesthetic theme of your outdoor entertainment area: organic shapes paired with sandy patio stones contribute a tropical essence to your landscape, for example. Pools can be designed to exhibit contemporary elegance, or be kept simple, safe and functional, allowing other landscape features to take center stage.

Whatever your design, swimming pools are an outdoor living must-have that take summer barbecues to the next level. With inspiration from these designs, family and friends will love cooling off, staying fit, having fun and socializing in your backyard oasis.


Embrace natural elements

This pool design echoes and embraces the natural tones found in the surrounding landscape, unifying the hardscaping and lush green backdrop. The neutral shades used to construct the waterslide mimic natural stone while the shrubs nestled around it further contribute to a natural aesthetic and soften the hard angles and textures created by the stone. The short stone walls scattered along the pool’s edge act as charming accents to its rustic design. Geometric elements are avoided in the body of the pool, promoting a subtle and soothing visual impact. This textured poolside area was paved using Almond Grove Thornbury pavers and enclosed in a contrasting Courtstone border.


Combine contrasting styles

This small pool can be considered more decorative than functional, a trend embraced by many homeowners who are less inclined to spend time in their pool. A pleasant combination of modern and traditional features have been incorporated into this pool design, with the geometric shape of the pool, the long patio pavers and clean lines all contributing to a contemporary aesthetic. The cool colored Umbriano pavers, of the Winter Marvel variation, possess metallic undertones that further enhance the modern aspects of this home. Large, wall to wall windows overlook this manicured setting, contributing to flow between indoor and outdoor spaces as well as forming a large part of the landscape’s modern feel. These modern elements have been paired with a lush lawn and traditional architecture for a striking contrast.


Explore the possibilities of your hardscape

This lagoon-like pool design features a multi-purpose island which can be used for sunbathing, diving or enjoying the fire pit during cozy evening gatherings. The wooden bridge serves as a charming walkway allowing guests to reach the island without getting wet. The numerous small lights scattered throughout the patio also add a touch of elegance and ensure that guests can navigate the area after the sun goes down. Curved lines are incorporated into the entire hardscape design for a harmonious tropical appeal. A water feature built from irregular stones furthers the pool’s organic appearance, making it seem as though the entire area might have occurred naturally. Umbriano pavers were selected in the warm, earthy tones of Autumn Sunset for a summery feel and are partnered with intermittent plant beds.


Incorporate water features

This tranquil pool showcases the character and versatility of Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall. The tall water feature serves to incorporate a retaining wall into the pool’s design, while creating a private pool patio area, separate from the rest of the landscape. The water feature creates a calming soundtrack of cascading water while also allowing guests to enjoy swimming underneath it. Waterfall features also improve the circulation of pool water and aerates the water, limiting the growth of algae and discouraging mosquitoes in summer. A thin, dark border outlines the spontaneous curves of the pool edge and contrasts with the sandy tones within the surrounding stone. The light stone used is sure be kind to bare feet by absorbing less heat. Poolside patio stone should present a non-slip surface, such as Unilock’s textured Richcliff pavers, to ensure the safety of your friends and family.


Create variation with vertical elements

These retaining walls create levels within the poolside slope, energizing the landscape. A seamless flow is created throughout the hardscape by using stones of similar shades. A subtle water feature contributes relaxing sounds of running water while charming dwarf shrubs add interest to the uniform stone walls. This large pool, perfect for big parties and family fun, is paired with sandy patio stones that add a beachy touch in relation to the clear-blue water. The home’s country-style architecture, the light pergola and the generous vegetation all add to the pool’s inviting atmosphere.


Dreamy Pool Designs for Summer Fun New York NY