Create Sleek Suburban Patios and Poolsides with Stone Pavers in Oxford, CT

 Create Sleek Suburban Patios and Poolsides with Stone Pavers in Oxford, CT


There’s nothing like the luxury of natural stone—and Unilock natural stone in particular. Natural stone pavers from Unilock offer great strength, free/thaw durability, and resistance to water absorption, to merge beauty and reliability. With a variety of surface treatments in its toolbox, Unilock has the ability to produce stone pavers that complement both contemporary and traditional hardscapes in Oxford, CT. Here are a just few ways in which stone pavers from Unilock can be used:


A Sandstone Poolside

Achieve the epitome of beachy aesthetic by surrounding your pool with an expanse of Sandstone. This can work best with a pool that is built to be curvaceous and meandering, as if it were a natural body of water. Plenty of surrounding greenery will also help to give the poolside a raw, natural appearance. Sandstone from Unilock can be obtained in the Autumn Harvest color variation, which looks and feels similar to real sand and will give any beachy poolside an authentic look and feel.

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A contemporary home can achieve a more refined and resort-like atmosphere by utilizing Indian Coast as a color choice instead. Regardless of the color variation you choose, each paver will bear unique markings and subtle color gradients as they have been quarried from different areas of the earth.


A Sleek Outdoor Kitchen

Limestone pairs well with outdoor rooms as refined and luxurious as outdoor kitchens. The outdoor kitchen tends to be the corner of a hardscape where advanced technology is used and modern innovation is displayed. Consider installing Limestone in the strikingly dark Black River shade in your outdoor kitchen. It will look sleek and refined, complementing the modernity of your chrome appliances. Care should be taken not to install this variation of Limestone near sources of heat or fire, however, so steer clear of your grill and pizza oven when planning the layout for these stone pavers. An outdoor kitchen embellished with pitch dark Limestone will look more professional and can be elevated to the next level with the addition of black wooden cabinets and other black-painted elements.


A Hidden Getaway

Natural stone is an excellent flooring option for outdoor rooms hidden among the underbrush. Natural stone does a better job at blending in with its natural surroundings and can make a man-made patio appear to have manifested naturally over time. Create a small, sunken patio in the heart of your softscape using Sandstone pavers. A small patio like this, sheltered by tall trees, will look and feel like a precious hidden gem from a fairytale land. Consider incorporating a water feature into the design for a soothing soundtrack. A round bistro table and a pair of wrought iron chairs make charming furnishings for a patio like this. You could also include a comfortable armchair, sheltered from the elements by an overhead structure, for quiet reading and relaxation.


An Impressive Front Entrance

Use your most luxurious materials where it matters most. The front entrance to your home serves as the introduction to the rest of your property, and should do your home and hardscape justice. Where better to show off your selection of natural stone pavers? Consider creating a sleek Limestone or warm and inviting Sandstone entrance that will leave guests eager to see more of your property.


Create Sleek Suburban Patios and Poolsides with Stone Pavers in Oxford, CT