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Create a Grand Welcome With a Natural Stone Walkway in Somers, NY

The title image features Sandstone from Unilock.

Want to take your walkway to the next level? You can add visual appeal and character to your front entry with a simple addition: natural stone from Unilock. Here’s how to create a grand welcome with a natural stone walkway in Somers, NY.

Why Choose Natural Stone?

If you’re looking for a walkway with character and a timeless appeal, natural stone can fit the bill, as can concrete pavers made to look just like it. Stone is mankind’s original building material, and not just because of its durability. Each stone has a unique character, with patterns, colors, and veining that may not be found on any other stone. This is part of its charm. You might notice subtle differences even on stone slabs that look the same from a distance.

Natural stone also goes with any architectural style. Natural stone slabs from Unilock are offered in large format sizes. These large sizes are trending in modern landscape applications, but they can also look stunning next to traditional or even historical homes.

Why Choose Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone?

Unilock offers two types of natural stone. Both are sourced from quarries with ethical work practices. Each stone is carefully selected for low water absorption, superior freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength to prevent splitting and cracking.

Which Stone Would Work Best on Your Walkway?

People tend to prioritize color when initially choosing a hardscape material. So, you may want to consider the color of your home as well as the dominant tones of your landscape, for example whether the walkway is in a sunny spot, or is mostly shaded, and whether your landscape is open or wooded.

The best results often come from integrating a walkway into the surroundings rather than having it stand out too much with a strong color contrast. A mid-tone stone is probably a safe choice, but if you want to make a statement, consider how a lighter or darker stone would look next to the home and the landscaping.

Sandstone is available in three colors. These large stone slabs are available in Stone Cliff Grey, a minimally patterned, soft grey colored stone that could be perfect for a home with prominent white accents. Or you could create a warm, earthy look with the aptly named Autumn Harvest or the vibrantly patterned Indian Coast, both of which could pair beautifully with a white home or a wood-sided home.

Limestone is available in three gorgeous and sophisticated shades of grey. Winter Mist is the lightest, with a somewhat mottled appearance that almost gives the feel of granite. The mid-tone color is called Hearthstone, and it could be the ideal complement to a brick home, toning down the reds and adding a regal touch. The dark tone is called Black River. This stunning shade could be ideal for walkways, especially if edged with a lighter contrasting stone.

Choosing the Right Stone

Choosing the right stone depends on the overall feel you want the walkway to have: warm and inviting (typically Sandstone), or cool and sophisticated (typically Limestone, although Sandstone’s Stone Cliff Grey could work here as well).

Either way, natural stone will offer a “wow factor” that can elevate your walkway to a design feature rather than a simple utilitarian way to get to the front door.

The color combinations we’ve mentioned above (such as a brick-sided home and Limestone in Hearthstone, or Sandstone in Autumn Harvest beside a white home) are just a few of the possibilities. It’s recommended to obtain samples when possible so that you can see the stone where your walkway is, and in both dry and wet weather conditions. You can talk to your local Unilock Authorized Contractor to get inspiration for the best natural stone pairings with homes similar to yours.

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