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Retaining Walls Can Complement Your Landscape With These 5 Ideas in East Hampton, NY

The title image features Lineo Dimensional Stone.

People tend to think of retaining walls in terms of pure function (primarily to hold back soil), but these hardscape features also have many decorative uses. Even if your home is on a level property, retaining walls can complement your landscape with these five ideas in East Hampton, NY.

1. More Outdoor Living Space

On a sloped property, one or several retaining walls can be used to create more functional, level spaces for relaxing and entertaining. A gentle slope could use one retaining wall, while a steep property may need to be terraced in order to maximize the available space. Terraces could be used exclusively for outdoor living (for example, a hot tub level), gardening, or a combination of both.

The Brussels Dimensional System from Unilock with its relaxed tumbled quarry stone appearance could be the perfect wall design for a space where old-world charm is desired, such as a Tuscan-style landscape or anywhere you want to do away with a formal and fussy look.

For a sleek, modern aesthetic, you could opt for Lineo Dimensional Stone from Unilock. This wall system features linear fascia panels and a smooth finish that could enhance a modern and minimalist space.

2. Built-Ins

Built-in seating, built-in fire features and water features, and even a built-in outdoor kitchen can integrate the retaining wall into the outdoor living space to create a welcoming outdoor living room feel.

3. Overflow Seating

On a flat property, retaining walls may not necessarily be used to hold back soil, but they can help define your patio while offering clutter-free overflow seating if you frequently host large gatherings.

4. A Cozy Yet Grand Entry

At your front entry, you could situate a seat-height wall along the outer edge of the walkway (between the walkway and the landscaping). This can create a welcoming zone for your guests while offering elderly guests a place to rest if your walkway is long—or you could use this wall to feature beautiful potted plants or holiday decorations.

5. Protecting Your Landscape

Soil movement and erosion are often constant concerns on a sloped property, especially in very rainy years. A retaining wall is designed to prevent water-laden soil from moving downhill potentially toward your home or other structure. At the same time, of course, it can be a thing of beauty, enhanced with a water feature or fire feature.

For low light-duty retaining walls up to 3’ high, you could use the incredibly versatile U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System from Unilock, which gives you unprecedented design flexibility with a variety of fascia panels that can not only give you a custom look but could work with any architectural style. U-Cara walls are elegant and bold, and potentially the ideal pairing with grand estate-style homes.

For a heavy-duty retaining wall up to 25’ high (or for a series of terraces) you could use Concord Wall from Unilock. This wall system features a convenient built-in setback to ensure a structurally strong wall. The weathered, rough-faced blocks could be ideal for relaxed outdoor living spaces.

The above wall units could also be used to build custom fire and water features, to clad the outside of your outdoor kitchen, and to enhance the look of pillars.


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