Why Concrete Pavers Are a Better Choice than Asphalt For Your Driveway


When choosing what material will be best for your driveway project, concrete pavers and asphalt both come with their fair share of pros and cons. However, the advantages of utilizing concrete pavers far outweigh the benefits of asphalt. Consider the following comparison and allow it to guide you in choosing the best material for your hardscape.


The longevity of concrete pavers

Asphalt simply doesn’t bear the endurance of concrete. Well-installed concrete pavers can have a life span of half a century or more, while the average asphalt driveway is expected to last around 20 years, not including regular resealing and maintenance. Wear and tear on asphalt surfaces can leave rough patches or potholes, while pieces of its surface can sometimes cling to tires and shoes.



Lifting and replacing a broken paver is simple and can be done without tampering with the rest of the paved surface. Even so, damage to pavers is rare and usually occurs from accidental misuse. Concrete pavers from Unilock are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology, which grants them four times the strength of poured concrete and minimizes the risk of damage even further. These Town Hall pavers, for example, have been fortified with this innovative technology and combine to create a virtually indestructible surface. Their interlocking laying pattern and brick-like appearance pairs well with the traditional red-brick home and complements it in a way that a simple asphalt driveway would not be able to accomplish. Concrete pavers enable you to echo the architecture of your home within your hardscape, visually unifying the entire property.

Asphalt also requires more maintenance than concrete pavers over time. An asphalt driveway will typically need to be resealed every 3 to 5 years to prevent its rapid deterioration. With Unilock pavers, you don’t even have to worry about the formation of stains as many pavers are imbued with EasyClean Stain Resistance, which protects their surfaces and enables the easy cleanup of spills.


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The limitless aesthetic potential of concrete pavers

Although hardscaping involves making practical choices that maximize the endurance and functionality of your outdoor spaces, curb appeal is just as important. There’s no need to invest in a patio or driveway that isn’t visually appealing and that will leave you dissatisfied.

Concrete pavers offer a more sophisticated look than asphalt. In addition, they are manufactured in a near-endless range of shades, textures, and finishes to match the preferences of any homeowner. The diverse array of concrete pavers offered by Unilock will enable you to create a strong, practical driveway surface that enhances the visual appeal of your home.



The jointing lines between concrete pavers can be customized to enhance the look of the driveway. For example, the light jointing lines between these Basalt Courtstone pavers stand out and draw attention to the driveway perimeter. This effect can be used to highlight the irregular edges of each charming cobblestone, enhancing the natural appeal of a rustic driveway or walkway. It also adds more interest to the paved surface than if the jointing material were to blend into its surroundings. You can also ensure that the shade you select for your jointing sand echoes some other element within the hardscape or home, for a cohesive design that looks well put-together. Joints between concrete pavers also allow for expansion and contraction, helping to further prevent cracking over time.

The vibrant shades in which Unilock concrete pavers are available are guaranteed to retain their brilliance and clarity over time. Enduracolor Technology creates a concentrated, wear-resistant layer of color on the surface that prevents the concrete underneath from showing through.

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Concrete pavers can even be made to emulate the luxury of natural stone, at a fraction of the price and imbued with enhanced endurance. These Thornbury pavers, for example, have the convincing surface texture of flagstone. They have a relaxed appearance and add a touch of personality to the driveway design. The Almond Grove color variation has been used here, perfectly complemented by Basalt Copthorne edging. Not only does the edging help to highlight the smoky shades in the Thornbury pavers, but also prevents the overgrowth of grass onto the driveway.

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Umbriano pavers mimic the sleek appearance of natural granite and each paver bears a unique color gradient and random pattern. They pair excellently with modern designs and are available in a range of stunning neutrals.


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