4 Go-To Unilock Pavers for Commercial Landscapes in Fairfield, CT

4 Go-To Unilock Pavers for Commercial Landscapes in Fairfield, CT


A commercial landscape makes a first impression for the business it represents. As clients park their cars and enter the building, they take in their surroundings and form an instant opinion of the business before speaking a word to an employee. Whether you’re a business owner or property developer in Fairfield, CT, consider some of the following Unilock pavers for your next commercial project:



Being eco-conscious is a big part of maintaining a good corporate image and reputation. Eco-Priora pavers are, therefore, often selected for commercial projects due to their permeability and environmentally friendly properties. Particularly when large paving projects are being undertaken, minimizing the impact on the natural environment is crucial.

Eco-Priora pavers offer a balance between quality and sustainability in hardscaping and construction. They are designed to be separated by spacer bars 7mm wide. These spacers create large gaps that are filled with fine stone chips that allow water to penetrate the paved surface. This effect allows rainwater to return to the underlying ecosystem rather than running off and burdening stormwater drains. It is also instrumental in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the paved project over time. Any accumulating water on the surface will not only create unpleasant puddles that may deter clients but can also stain the pavers and reduce their longevity. These pavers are available in a dark Granite shade and sandy Sierra color so that, regardless of whether your building and existing hardscape appear warm or cool, you will be able to match them.


Promenade Plank Paver

Promenade Plank Pavers are designed and manufactured to fulfill the demands of commercial applications. They are imbued with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, to ensure that they remain in pristine condition and resist fading, regardless of their exposure to the elements and UV rays. This is crucial for commercial projects, as maintaining a large expanse of pavers can be costly. Maintenance requirements can be kept to a minimum, however, by opting for high-quality Unilock products.

Promenade Plank Pavers are slim and linear, complementing the sharp geometry found in most modern buildings and hardscapes. They can also be acquired in cool, light hues that enhance the spaciousness of any outdoor area.

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Beacon Hill Flagstone

Beacon Hill Flagstone bears a luxurious natural finish and subtle, well-blended shades to produce a classic and versatile paver. These pavers do an excellent job at emulating natural stone, while retaining all the impressive structural qualities of concrete. The XL units are often utilized for commercial projects as they cover large areas without crowding them with too many jointing lines. The XL units are also heavy enough to keep a paved surface even and unmoved, regardless of years of frequent use.



Each Umbriano paver has a stunning mottled surface that can add dimension and character to a paving project. This is especially valuable when laying a large expanse of identical pavers, and it can prevent the finished product from looking monotonous and uninspired. These pavers are, therefore, ideal for a variety of commercial applications. Umbriano pavers also offer a variety of shade options, both warm and cool, to complement virtually any building and landscape. They are reinforced with EasyClean Stain Resistance to prevent unsightly stains from ruining one’s first impression of a business.


4 Go-To Unilock Pavers for Commercial Landscapes in Fairfield, CT