4 Driveway Projects That Pair Contrasting Pavers

A powerful driveway can give passersby a strong impression of your Huntington, NY, home and landscape without having them step foot over the threshold. It forms one of the main components of a home’s curb appeal and must be updated and maintained. Here are a few driveway projects that utilize contrast in color and texture to make an unforgettable impact while using Unilock pavers. Consider incorporating these same techniques into the design of your driveway.


4 Driveway Projects That Pair Contrasting Pavers in Huntington, NY


This large winding driveway showcases a stark contrast in both color and texture as it approaches the home. Its distal two-thirds are comprised of Courtstone pavers from Unilock, while its proximal third is comprised of Umbriano pavers. Authentic natural stone flanks the entire length of the driveway.

Courtstone pavers have a timeworn appearance and tend to display rustic qualities. Their convincing cobblestone-like appearance is cast using Reala Surface Technology and molds made from real cobblestones. They are often used to construct driveways because they lend them a classic appearance that is both whimsical and inviting.

Umbriano pavers, on the other hand, are synonymous with contemporary hardscaping. These sleek pavers conform to precise dimensions with a zero-bevel edge to create clean, geometric jointing lines. They are available in a range of muted neutrals that are perfectly suited to modern landscape design trends.

This driveway merges two paver choices with strikingly different aesthetic themes in clearly contrasting shades.

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4 Driveway Projects That Pair Contrasting Pavers in Huntington, NY


This driveway features a complex paver inlay. Unilock Umbriano pavers in Summer Wheat, Autumn Sunset, and Harvest Brown were used to create the motif and were surrounded by Westport pavers. Each shade combined for contrast and clearly marked design work, to form a standout masterpiece. Westport pavers are more rugged than Umbriano pavers, so a subtle contrast in texture may be visible at close range. This paver inlay is an excellent focal point for a large driveway. By breaking up a uniform expanse of pavers, it can be made more memorable.


4 Driveway Projects That Pair Contrasting Pavers in Huntington, NY


This driveway, once again, features a paver inlay comprised of versatile Umbriano pavers. It also features numerous borders, cross hatching, and a partial apron proximally. The shades selected, although clearly different, pair well together to result in a finished product that is pleasing to the eye. Paver inlays can be used to embody your creativity and personality, as they can be laid to display any crest or symbol. All that is required for a paver inlay to stand out sufficiently is a strong color contrast between the pavers used.


4 Driveway Projects That Pair Contrasting Pavers in Huntington, NY