3 Projects That Utilize Rustic Unilock Pavers

Rough textures, imperfections, and rich earthy shades—these are just a few rustic characteristics that give outdoor spaces a tranquil, fairytale-like look and feel. They can be incorporated into sophisticated landscape designs to make them more homely and familiar. Despite the uprising of minimalist design, clean lines, and smooth surfaces, a warm rustic patio in Brewster, NY, can offer new levels of relaxation and intimacy. Here are a few rustic hardscaping projects and the Unilock products used to construct them. Consider these Unilock pavers for your latest hardscaping endeavors.


3 Projects That Utilize Rustic Unilock Pavers in Brewster, NY


This vibrant New York outdoor living space was constructed using Thornbury pavers in the subdued Almond Grove color variation. These pavers bear surface textures similar to those of natural stone and create hardscapes that look and feel cool and comfortable. Here, they have been accented by a border of Eco-Priora pavers in Granite Blend, which are more refined and serve to clearly demarcate the patio. The eyes are immediately drawn toward where the action will be—right in the heart of the paver patio.

Authentic stone elements and large boulders have been incorporated into the design, complementing the flagstone-like pavers that cover the area and enhancing its rustic aesthetic. Plenty of greenery is instrumental to any rustic outdoor design, as it contributes some of the essential life and character that makes this type of landscape so inviting. Shrubs have been tucked snugly around the patio and included on each terrace in order to integrate the softscape and hardscape as much as possible.


3 Projects That Utilize Rustic Unilock Pavers in Brewster, NY


This cozy covered patio features a paver inlay comprised of rich Copthorne pavers. The paver inlay resembles a rug and anchors the furniture arrangement so that it appears grounded and well-positioned. The visual indication of a rug also enhances the cozy atmosphere in this outdoor room.

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The warm wooden pergola and vibrant red brick fireplace contribute toward creating a homely, rustic atmosphere—as do the brick-like textures on the Copthorne pavers underfoot. However, modern elements like plush upholstered furniture, a ceiling fan, and a glass tabletop create an appropriate and desired balance between traditional and current aesthetic themes to achieve the best of both worlds.

Fire features are generally excellent additions to rustic landscapes. They provide a warm, soft glow that makes outdoor living spaces cozier and more intimate. They also tend to bounce and reflect off the irregular edges of any unrefined materials nearby, such as brick and wooden structures.


3 Projects That Utilize Rustic Unilock Pavers in Brewster, NY


This walkway and patio flooring are comprised of Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers in the Sierra color variation. Not only are these pavers excellent substitutes for real flagstone, but they have been arranged in a seemingly random arrangement in order to enhance their natural appearance. This commitment to an unrefined aesthetic enhances the harmony between the walkway and its natural surroundings.

The walkway is flanked by a thick border comprised of Brussels Block in Sandstone and Copthorne pavers in Basalt. Brussels Block pavers are artificially weathered and can attribute a classic, timeworn look to the surfaces they adorn. The dark Copthorne pavers utilized here complement the wrought-iron elements found throughout the hardscape, including the characterful lanterns perched upon two nearby pillars.


3 Projects That Utilize Rustic Unilock Pavers in Brewster, NY