2 Stunning Walkways Crafted by Unilock Authorized Contractors

A large, sprawling landscape in Mendham, NJ, can be segmented into different hardscaped and natural areas, with each one designated for a specific aspect of your outdoor entertainment. To join them, you will need a safe and durable walkway. These Unilock Authorized Contractors took it upon themselves to create walkways that served as destinations of their own. Utilizing high-quality pavers, interesting layouts, and spectacular views, the following scenic walkways were produced. Use these projects as inspiration for your next walkway project.


2 Stunning Walkways Crafted by Unilock Authorized Contractors in Mendham, NJ


This sweeping walkway is the handiwork of Unilock Authorized Contractor Hosler’s Homescapes. It features Unilock Courtstone pavers in the Basalt shade and is lined by a warm Copthorne border. Basalt was selected as the predominant shade in this walkway because it echoed dark shades found in the adjacent soil bed and throughout the architecture of the nearby home. To create eye-catching contrast and lighten the atmosphere, the Basalt pavers were paired with tan-colored jointing sand. This jointing material also complements the sandy soil that can be found in this region and creates the impression that cobblestones were nestled directly into the earth. Their worn edges add depth and character to the walkway but do not make them more difficult to install, as they are still manufactured to precise dimensions.

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Despite the undying beauty of Courtstone pavers, the sights that surround this walkway are what make it really special. It winds past a large dark soil bed scattered with shrubs and flowers. On such a dark canvas, the red and purple hues these plants display are allowed to pop. The walkway overlooks a large sprawling lawn on the right, which contributes toward creating its free and spacious atmosphere. Just out of sight lies a koi pond that might entice guests to stop and appreciate the walkway for a while longer.


2 Stunning Walkways Crafted by Unilock Authorized Contractors in Mendham, NJ


Authorized Unilock Contractor By Design Landscapes, Inc. created this romantic walkway in Lakewood, NJ. This walkway is, in fact, a small branch of the larger walkway that can be seen in the distance. It is comprised of Copthorne pavers in a captivating herringbone pattern and is framed by bands of Brussels Block pavers in Limestone. Copthorne pavers are excellent candidates for driveways and walkways because they are manufactured using Ultima Concrete Technology, which grants them four times the strength of poured concrete and the ability to withstand frequent vehicular loads or foot traffic. The deep red hues in the Copthorne pavers give this walkway a whimsical and romantic appearance, enhanced by its winding design.

The larger walkway of the two is comprised primarily of Brussels Block pavers and is bordered by Copthorne pavers. The two walkways, therefore, showcase the same paver selection in different ways and are visually linked. The smaller walkway in the foreground can be considered scenic because it is surrounded by beautiful flower beds on one side and a lush lawn on the other. However, the fact that it meanders off the main path and into the depths of the stunning softscape is likely to entice guests to take a slower stroll or sit on the lawn for a while. Like a hidden gem, the walkway functions as far more than a path and is a charming destination of its own.


2 Stunning Walkways Crafted by Unilock Authorized Contractors in Medham, NJ