Now is the Perfect Time of Year to Invest in a Unilock Outdoor Fireplace in Oyster Bay Cove, NY


As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, many homeowners are modifying their outdoor spaces. There are certain features, like fireplaces and fire pits, that enable the continued use of your outdoor kitchen or patio despite the cold. That being said, an outdoor fire feature does far more than warming guests on chilly evenings. In fact, fireplaces often assume their rightful place as the focal point of an outdoor room. Outdoor fire features draw attention, while their soft light and radiating warmth are guaranteed to attract everyone in the room. Magnetizing people to your outdoor fire feature creates an effective conversation spot and cozy atmosphere. Consider the following Unilock products for a stylish and enduring fire feature this fall.


Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System is incredibly versatile and comes in a wide array of sizes. These wall units have uniquely weathered surfaces and are available in an attractive selection of shades. Consider creating a contemporary fire pit in the sandy Sierra color variation, accented by dark Burnt Clay Copthorne banding and Brussels Fullnose coping.

Unilock also offers a range of prebuilt fire features, from sleek fire tables to majestic fireplaces. The preassembled Sunset Firepit Kit, for example, is easy to install and always proves to be a charming gathering spot. The stunning Barcelona fireplace, built from Sierra Brussels Dimensional System and Umbriano accent pavers, has a tall majestic frame and is an ideal candidate for intimate patios framed with vibrant greenery.

The title image features an outdoor living area with fireplace and verticals built with Brussels Dimensional System, complemented by Umbriano pavers.


Rivercrest Wall

This is an attractive option for your custom-built fireplaces as it is compatible with a great variety of designs and bears more than enough structural stability to be used in uniquely shaped or curved fire features. Rivercrest Wall units emulate stacked flagstone with surface textures crafted using Reala Surface Technology.

These small, stacked stones are not only full of character, but are also extremely versatile. Pre-assembled Rivercrest Firepit Kits, available in sandy Buff and cool Coastal Slate color variations, can contribute to the cozy, traditional atmosphere of an outdoor room. However, contemporary geometric fire tables can also be constructed by combining Rivercrest Wall and Ledgestone coping.

A prebuilt Rivercrest fireplace from Unilock is a convenient way to incorporate the timeless elegance of stacked flagstone and the ambience of an outdoor fireplace to any outdoor room. The Unilock range of Rivercrest fireplaces includes the Bella, which has a stylish, minimalist design that is ideal for modern spaces but also has a rugged, natural look that pairs well with more rustic hardscapes.


Lineo Dimensional Stone

The sleek lines and smooth surface texture of Lineo Dimensional Stone adds a contemporary touch to any hardscape design and can create idyllic modern firetables. With the various shades in which Lineo Dimensional Stone is available, including a grey Granite Blend and warm Sandstone, it is able to suit the color scheme of virtually any hardscape. These wall units are the primary materials used to create the Unilock prebuilt Moda fireplace, which is adorned with a dark Series accent that contrasts the lighter hues of the Granite Blend Lineo Dimensional Stone and has a satisfying visual impact.


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Now is the Perfect Time of Year to Invest in a Unilock Outdoor Fireplace in Oyster Bay Cove, NY