This Multi-Leveled Poolside Patio in Toms River, NJ lets the Estate Wall Fire Pit Take Center Stage


This rustic suburban hardscape design is the backyard gem of a home in Barnegat, New Jersey. The project was completed in January 2016 by Home Turf Maintenance, an authorized Unilock contractor.

This project included the construction of a raised patio in order to create distinction between poolside surrounds and fire pit area. In addition, the surfaces of each were paved using Unilock’s Treo in the New York Blend color range and finished off with Brussels Fullnose Coping around the pool and Estate Wall Coping in Granite for the edge of the sweeping curve of the patio. This gently meandering curve was chosen both as a means to reflect the line created by the lawn on the opposite side of the steps, as well to soften the hardscaped expanse and introduce a natural appeal.

Both the vertical step of the patio, the permanent seating around the fire pit and the fire feature itself showcase Unilock’s Estate Wall in the Granite color option, ensuring a cohesive appearance. Planter boxes for small to medium-sized trees are included in the design, just outside of the photograph. These too showcase Unilock’s Estate Wall and provide the fire pit and poolside areas with shade and greenery.

The placement of the fire pit thrusts it into center stage, making it the focal point of the raised patio, but also leading the eye out toward the view of the swimming pool beyond. The permanent seating provides comfort and convenience, while the spaciousness of the area leaves room for extra furniture to be added when needed.

The light gray of granite coloring features prominently in this design, serving to enhance the brighter accents: the blue and white of the cushions added to the permanent seating tying in with the pool lining, the warm browns of the rustic wooden deck, planters and decorative wood storage, and of course the lush green of lawn and plants. All of these individual aspects contribute to the overall effect of the design as one that is well coordinated with balanced colors and an emphasis on rich, natural textures.


Project Credits:

Unilock Authorized Contractor: 

Home Turf Maintenance
3 Union Blvd
Barnegat, NJ
(609) 242-0063