Mixing Brown and Grey Patio Pavers for an Interesting Look in Bridgeport, CT

Mixing Brown and Grey Patio Pavers for an Interesting Look in Bridgeport, CT


The shades of brown and grey are commonly found in nature. No other color palette possesses such rich, natural earthy qualities and gentle subtleties. Browns and greys form the perfect combination to create a classic and neutral style or give a Bridgeport, CT patio a modern, edgy look. Here are some pairings to consider for your next hardscape project:


Umbriano in French Grey and Mattoni in Cocoa Brown

Just glancing at the beautiful French Grey shade of Umbriano, you’ll notice the subtle and relaxed mood it exudes. As well as always being at the top of trends, French Grey is one of the most versatile colors to consider for your color scheme. But what makes the color really stand out is the paver’s texture. Thanks to the combination of Unilock proprietary manufacturing technologies, such as ColorFusion Technology and EnduraColor Facemix Technology, Umbriano presents a uniquely mottled surface that recreates the beautiful appearance of natural granite. As a border to complement this, the deep Cocoa Brown from the Mattoni range is ideal. Mattoni offers a classic Roman brick format, which will not only elevate the authentic appeal of the patio but also give it a subtle, modern spin. Extend the reach of your borders by including them around your fireplace, fire pit or water features to enhance their appearance.

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Series in Mocha Brown and Tribeca in Crystalline Basalt

Perfect for traditional and modern outdoor settings, Series pavers in the Mocha Brown shade offers an interesting juxtaposition when combined with the vibrant grey of the Crystaline Basalt shade of Tribeca Cobble. This combination adds a playful yet sophisticated look to any patio. Additional interest can be created by making full use of the various shapes and sizes in which the Series paver is available. These shapes allow for the creation of a variety of different laying patterns including, herringbone, three/four-piece modular patterns or a randomized pattern. To complete the look, choose the dimensional accuracy and natural cobble appearance of Tribeca Cobble in the shade Crystalline Basalt as a border paver.


Richcliff in Dawn Mist and Copthorne in a 3 Color Blend

A predominantly grey outdoor space laid with Richcliff in the color Dawn Mist works excellently when paired with the deep brown color variations of Burgundy Red, Old Oak and Burnt Clay offered by Copthorne pavers in a 3 Color Blend. Used as a border, the three reddish brown variations of this 3 Color Blend ensure visual depth, complementing the varied greys of the Richcliff primary pavers. As the ultimate poolside patio paver, Richcliff provides a perfectly textured, color-neutral foundation that allows other elements, such as the pool, fireplace or fire pit to claim their place as highlights of the hardscape. However, the subtle nature of the Dawn Mist shade won’t go unnoticed. This paver is part of the EnduraColor Plus line and is manufactured using Reala Surface Technology and Ultima Concrete Technology to give the paver an ultra-realistic flagstone surface texture, along with maximum strength and durability.


Il Campo in Heritage Brown and Artline in Steel Mountain

These two pavers make one of the most eye-catching combinations on the list. The color and texture combination of these pavers adds a definite “wow!” factor to a patio. One of the reasons the Steel Mountain color option works so well with the Heritage Brown shade is because of the warm undertones present in the grey, which are enhanced by the dark brown, and strong red and orange undertones, of the Heritage Brown. The Il Campo paver also does well with a paver like Artline, because of how Artline balances out Il Campo’s uniquely textured surface, and tones down its strong character.

The title image features a Richcliff patio in Dawn Mist with Copthorne accents in a 3 Color Blend.


Mixing Brown and Grey Patio Pavers for an Interesting Look in Bridgeport, CT