Magic Landscaping, Inc. Wet Lay Sandstone Patio in Ramsey, NJ

This Ramsey, NJ project – being constructed by Unilock Authorized Contractor, Magic Landscaping, Inc. – consists of a wet-laid patio which makes use of the subtle elegance of Unilock Sandstone in Stone Cliff Grey. A set of French doors connects the interior of the home to the tranquil space that is being created. The patio features cut-outs alongside the home for pre-existing greenery, and is being laid on a specially engineered, poured-concrete bed using mortar.


Magic Landscaping, Inc. Wet Lay Sandstone Patio in Ramsey, NJ


The stone selected for this project is one of many choices of Premium Quality Natural Stone offered by Unilock. This particular option is one of three variations of Sandstone, and was chosen because of its gentle coloring and vibrant textures. The coloring of the Stone Cliff Grey Sandstone synchronizes perfectly with the grey siding and architectural accents of the home. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone also offers contractors the benefit of precision calibration and a uniform thickness of 0.875″ (2.2cm). This makes Unilock Natural Stone easy to work with and an outstanding choice for both its aesthetic appeal and practical applications.



While Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone provides the assurance of precision calibration, flexural strength, low porosity and overall durability, the wet-lay method used here by Magic Landscaping, Inc. provides the patio with an additional dimension of potential longevity. A poured-concrete base avoids the issues associated with ground heaving. The appearance of weeds in the jointing spaces is also largely mitigated with this method. This method is ideal for homes with particularly loamy soil, where frost heaving can be a serious cause for concern.

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It’s also ideal for homeowners who prefer to keep future maintenance costs low in exchange for a marginally higher initial outlay. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is also compatible with open graded and traditional sand-set installation methods, and can be installed on interlocking polyethylene foam board, and as a wood deck veneer. For more information on Unilock Natural Stone installation methods, see our Unilock Natural Stone Installation Guide, available for free from our Literature Downloads page.


Magic Landscaping, Inc. Wet Lay Sandstone Patio in Ramsey, NJ


We look forward to seeing the final result of this project by Magic Landscaping, Inc.




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Magic Landscaping, Inc. Wet Lay Sandstone Patio in Ramsey, NJ