Landscape Design Tips for Creating Farm-Style Hardscapes in Seaford, DE

Landscape Design Tips for Creating Farm-Style Hardscapes in Seaford, DE


Farm-style landscapes are charming, warm, natural, relaxed, and inviting. They tend to focus on appreciating the views and natural surroundings and giving a nod to local materials. Here are some landscape design tips for creating farm-style hardscapes in Seaford, DE.


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The most important thing in designing for a country farmhouse appeal could be recognizing how it will fit in with your home’s architecture and setting. While many homes can benefit from a relaxed country approach, the best approach would likely honor your home’s architecture as a starting point.


Use Natural Colors

You want colors that will blend seamlessly into the landscape. Farmhouses often feature a bright white facade, but you likely want to soften the contrast and integrate the home into the landscape via outdoor living spaces. Choose tones that transition well from manmade to natural. 


Introduce More Texture 

Natural looking textures can be vivid or subtle. Textured pavers such as flagstone-like or bluestone-like pavers instantly introduce more natural lines to the overall look and create a more relaxed feel in your hardscape. Where possible, choose materials that look like they belong. A country home reflects its natural surroundings, so don’t be afraid to use stacked stone walls and textured pavers as a way to bring attention to local materials. 


Keep in mind that natural stone, while beautiful (and local) offers a few challenges. These include lack of availability of colors (especially if you want to add on to your hardscape in the future), higher installation costs, and higher maintenance. If you love the look of flagstone but don’t want to hassle with upkeep, Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone gives you the beauty, durability, ease of maintenance, and reasonable installation costs—and you will not run into a color shortage when you’re ready to add on to your hardscape. 


Celebrate the Views

Plan your hardscapes to draw the eye toward any beautiful scenes such as rolling hills, a wildflower meadow, or an apple orchard. Then, position hardscape features such as an outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen so that the view is always a feature and not an afterthought. Even traffic flow can pay homage to the natural surroundings, such as a meandering walkway with an area to put a bench.


Go Vertical

Stone walls and wood fences blend perfectly into a country theme, but modern industrial-inspired elements like poured concrete can look out of place. For a stacked-stone look for a retaining wall, seating wall, or the facade of an outdoor kitchen, consider the award-winning Unilock Rivercrest Wall, which features the character of natural stone combined with the durability, ease of installation, and affordability of concrete.


Respect the Style

Opt for a relaxed style both on your hardscape areas and your gardens. After all, much of the charm of a country landscape is its natural beauty, so you probably want to avoid manicured gardens that require a lot of fuss. Instead, introduce natural shapes like curves wherever possible to soften the look.


Consider Large Pavers

Nature is grand, and larger-format pavers will help your outdoor living areas feel spacious. Even in a small intimate patio, large format pavers help make the space feel more substantial and make it feel like a secret garden nook rather than an undersized “room.”


A landscape that feels just right will not necessarily be perfect, or tick all the boxes for a farm-style look. However, if you can introduce at least a few of these elements with the help of your Unilock Authorized Contractor, you’ll succeed at creating a wonderful outdoor space you and your family will love.


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The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone field pavers, Town Hall accents, and Estate Wall.


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