LanDesign Inc. Combines Rustic Courtstone Border with Sleek Artline Field


This project, undertaken by LanDesign Inc., incorporates an interesting marriage between old and new, rustic and modern, rugged and sleek. For the main field of this driveway design, Unilock Artline in the Tuscany color option has been chosen. This quintessentially modern paver, with its strong lateral emphasis, has the effect of visually widening the space. The light color of the pavers further serves to make this property entrance both sophisticated and expansive.

By way of anchoring this impressive surface and linking it to the more naturalistic lines and textures of the plant bed in the foreground, a Courtstone border will be used. This is an unusual decision given that Courtstone offers the timeworn charm of old European cobblestone. However, it is this contrast that gives this design its unique appeal.



Unilock recommends a base thickness of 8” – 12” for driveways. For the longevity of this project, the LanDesign crew opted for a thickness on the upper end of this recommendation. To achieve this, the base was built layer upon layer, 3” inches at a time. Between each layer, a compactor was run over the base in order to ensure full compaction. This is because a typical compactor will only compact the top 4” of base material.

With the lion’s share of the work completed, the crew moves on to preparation of the Courtstone border. Once the border has been put in place, cut Artline pieces will be used to fill in any remaining spaces to ensure a smooth finish. Time will tell how this project comes together with its final design touches.


LanDesign Inc. Combines Rustic Courtstone Border with Sleek Artline Field