Keep your Driveway Fashionable throughout the Seasons with these Pavers in Wayne, NJ


Choosing a material for your Wayne, NJ, home’s driveway is an important decision. While you have a number of choices, such as concrete and asphalt, there is no alternative to the design versatility and robustness of concrete pavers. At Unilock, our line of pavers opens up a world of design possibilities that can make your driveway an active design element of your home. With these fashionable pavers, you can ensure your driveway looks fresh even decades following its installation.


Westport Classic

The authentic charm of natural stone is hard to replicate, but our Westport Classic paver is virtually indistinguishable from its natural counterpart. This paver features the rough-hewn surface characteristic of quarried flagstone with all the details of surface crevices, clefts and rugged edges. These authentic details give Westport a soft and restrained appearance that is bound to keep your driveway looking classy for years to come. Moreover, our random bundle gives you access to a wide variety of sizes, so you easily create interesting patterns for added effect. The paver is available in a choice of three colors: Almond Grove, Granite, and Sierra, all giving you the subtle style of natural stone with the durability and convenience of concrete pavers.


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From the softer look of flagstone, we move to the sleek, modern lines of Umbriano. Mimicking natural granite, this paver features a high tech design that makes it far more robust and realistic than conventional concrete pavers. Featuring our ColorFusion and EnduraColor technologies, this paver has random granite particles distributed throughout its surface to give it its authentic natural granite look. Moreover, Enduracolor ensures that the paver retains its characteristic color even after years of use – whether it’s from the natural elements or spills and power washing. What makes it more versatile is the wide range of colors in which it is available, from subdued French Grey to the more vibrant Autumn Sky. The paver also features clean, straight sides for a minimalist and modern look – a design language that is evergreen and will hold up well over the years.


Town Hall

Town Hall is a modern take on the classic brick street pavers that have been popular in European and American cities since the turn of the century. This classic paver features our Reala Surface Technology which utilizes molds from actual brick and natural stone pieces to give it its rich, realistic surface texture. Available in more vivid colors, such as Burgundy Red, Old Oak, and Basalt, as well as vibrant mixes of these, this paver is bound to give your driveway the style and timeless aesthetics that will keep it looking contemporary and fresh for years to come. Complementing its beauty is our Ultima Concrete technology which gives this paver the strength to withstand the heavy loads that driveways inevitably have to cope with. To complete the package, this paver is also part of our permeable paver series, making it ideal for an aesthetically attractive and fashionable driveway that is also practical and kind to the environment.

The title image features a Town Hall driveway, walkway and front entrance.


Keep your Driveway Fashionable throughout the Seasons with these Pavers in Wayne, NJ