Installing Pool Coping with Pennella’s Landscape Designs LLC

Some contractors won’t replace coping on an undrained pool, and even then, they’ll recommend having the pool replastered to boot. However, Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC. has proven that with time, diligence, and skilled craftsmanship, it can be done, as demonstrated by this Bergen County, NJ, project.


Installing Pool Coping with Pennella's Landscape Designs LLC Bergen County, NJ


With the installation of bullnose coping, there are several things contractors should pay careful attention to. Spacers will help to ensure a uniform gap between the coping pieces, while careful measuring and cutting will allow for a seamless finish to a curved pool edge like this one. It’s also worth remembering that for poolside cutting, it’s always a good idea to use dustless cutting techniques to avoid cementitious materials from damaging pool pumping equipment. Contractors should pay special attention to maintaining a uniform edge on the pool side, a uniform drop away from the pool, and a consistent level across the tiles. In the final stages of this coping installation, as the coping awaits the filling of the joints, Pennella’s Landscape Designs, LLC. has already shown what a discerning eye can achieve.

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As a point of note, the method used by Pennella’s Landscape Designs’ here, of first installing the coping before laying the base for the pool decking, allows the correct level for the base and pavers to be achieved. It also limits loose sand and stones from blowing into the pool and keeps base materials from spilling over the edge. The Unilock Brussels Fullnose Coping used here lends a timeworn character to the project and a fine, rounded edge to the pool, making this an ideal design for a family backyard.



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Installing Pool Coping with Pennella's Landscape Designs LLC Bergen County, NJ