Installing Driveway Pavers For Your Home? Don’t forget the DriveGrid


Paving a driveway can enhance the aesthetics of the adjacent home while also adding to its value. However, to ensure your Toms River, NJ, driveway stands up to the test of the time, it is important to install a geogrid like the DriveGrid system to get the most out of your investment.


What is a geogrid?

A geogrid is a mesh-like system integrated into the construction of structures like driveways and retaining walls. It reinforces the soil and gravel layers by providing additional support and redistributes the weight of pressure placed on the surface across a wider area. Geogrids are normally manufactured using polymers such as polyester or polyethylene which are known for their tensile strength and durability.


Do you need one for your driveway?

A common misconception is that geogrids are only useful where the the underlying soil and subsoil layers are not compact and therefore susceptible to sinking and shifting. While geogrids are essential in such scenarios, they offer a variety of advantages that make them an important part of construction in any setting and can help improve your driveway’s performance and durability.



With the additional strength offered by geogrids, the need for a thick gravel base is reduced significantly. By installing the Unilock proprietary DriveGrid system, you can reduce the thickness of your underlying gravel base by up to fifty percent. This translates into significant savings in labor and material, especially considering that DriveGrid comes in easy-to-transport rolls that can be simply rolled out over the ground after excavations without the need for specialized tools.

Moreover, geogrids ensure that your driveway has a lifespan comparable to that of your home. The inherent problem lies in the fact that soil tends to pull apart when subjected to force. The Unilock DriveGrid system distributes the forces exerted by heavy loads such as parked and moving vehicles. DriveGrid uses Tensar TriAx Technology to distribute this load more effectively in three dimensions, utilizing triangulated reinforcement. Essentially, this technology uses a triangular mesh design rather than the typical grid used by other companies. It has been lauded by experts world over, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, and prevents vertical and horizontal movement of the gravel layer. The DriveGrid system is also widely used in the construction of commercial road networks. The result is a far more rigid base that can withstand the rigors of daily use and heavy loads, whether the stresses are induced by foot traffic, cars and trailers parked on your driveway for extended periods of time, or the frequent movement of daily vehicle use.

Another advantage of using the DriveGrid system is its environmentally friendly nature. Geogrids are porous meaning water can permeate through them to the lower layers of subsoil. This means they are compatible with the use of environmentally friendly permeable driveway pavers, providing easy drainage, reducing surface water runoff and helping to replenish natural groundwater tables. Add in the fact that installation reduces the amount of soil needed to be excavated and the environmental advantages of integrating a geogrid into your driveway construction are significant.

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All in all, the Unilock DriveGrid geogrid system provides an effective way to improve the performance of your driveway, providing an environmentally conscious solution that reduces costs and enhances the durability of your project.


The title image features a driveway and front entrance paved with Town Hall in Basalt.

Installing Driveway Pavers For Your Home? Don’t forget the DriveGrid