Inlays, Borders and Banding make this Dreamy Frontyard Patio a Hub for Entertaining in Brewster, NY


The combination of this immaculate patio design and picturesque view forms a truly idyllic outdoor setting. The patio features exclusively Unilock products and provides a space to enjoy the luxurious surroundings and hilly skyline. Authorized Unilock Contractor, Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping, lent their expertise to the design and construction of this stunning project.

The elevation of this patio places it as a vantage point, making use of the topography’s natural downward slope to open out the view. While the creation of the platform rising from the sloping lawn required some minor feats of engineering, this was possibly the largest challenge encountered during the construction process. Once the solid base was set, Unilock’s easy to place, precision cut products contributed to the smooth and successful completion of the project. The result is as durable and functional as it is visually exquisite.

Contributing to the unique aesthetic of this outdoor space is the use of a combination of products in achieving an intricate and effective inlay design. The design itself squares off the seating area, marking it out as a space for leisure. Beneath the carefully selected outdoor furniture, the effect is similar to that of a living room rug in enclosing and decorating the space.

The main floor of the patio consists of Unilock’s Umbriano pavers, with the Autumn Sunset color variation contributing a warm personality and the subtly mottled texture of its randomly dispersed granite particles. The inlay consists of three bands with Il Campo in Heritage Brown forming the outer and inner bands and Brussels Block pavers in the Sandstone color running between them. In the centre, the design resolves itself by returning once again to Umbriano in Autumn Sunset with the laying pattern running at a 45 degree angle for variation. This motif repeats itself in the patio’s borders with Il Campo Heritage Brown and Brussels Block Sandstone being used to finish of the edges. This corresponds similarly with the vertical structures, featuring Brussels Dimensional System wall blocks for the main body and an Il Campo Heritage Brown inlay.

While the comfortable modern wicker furniture provides adequate seating for a medium-sized group, the low walls can double as seating when larger groups are being entertained. The corner pillars, also featuring the Il Campo inlay motif, support vintage-style iron lanterns for evening lighting.

The patio furniture was especially selected to mirror the gentle curves, square angles and colors of the patio. This small detail is a good indication of the amount of thought that went into the conception and execution of this design. Note, for example, how the chair’s armrest reflects the curve of the outer wall, and how its color corresponds to that of Il Campo’s Heritage Brown. The darker brown/black of the sofa’s body accents the iron lamps as well as other elements of the home’s architecture, showing that no element or color used in this design was not first carefully thought out.


Project Credits:

Unilock Authorized Contractor: 

Lehigh Lawns and Landscaping
10 Sprout Creek Court
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590