Ingersoll Landscaping Uses Natural Stone to Create a Modern Two-Toned Patio in Hudson, OH


Ingersoll Landscaping is responsible for this newly updated patio in Hudson, OH. The modern design features premium natural Sandstone in the Indian Coast color option with Stone Cliff Grey accents.

The large expanse of pavers is softened by a border of perimeter plantings that add texture and help camouflage the nearby retaining wall. Patio furniture in the same shade of grey as the accent pavers was chosen to maintain the clean, modern look.

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone offers low water absorption and is able to withstand severe changes in weather. The surface of the stone is treated to enhance its natural beauty, and as a result, sealing is not necessarily required. When used in areas that receive regular water accumulation, an impregnating sealer should be used to allow the stone to breathe while retaining its non-slip surface. Sealers that create a surface film are not recommended because they do not allow moisture to penetrate and may result in a slippery surface.

Unilock has partnered with United Stonecare to create a line of specialized cleaner and sealer products ideal for natural stone. Visit the Unicare Products page for more information including a Help Center and product guidance on how to seal and maintain natural stone so it retains its fine appearance.

For a successful natural stone installation, the structural integrity of what lies below the surface of the slabs is critical. To ensure the best possible installation, refer to the Natural Stone Installation Guide which is available for download as part of the Unilock collection of Literature Downloads for Contractors. The Guide offers comprehensive instructions on both permeable and non-permeable installation methods, as well as specific requirements for pool decks.


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