Incorporating Rich Colors Into Your Franklin Lakes, NJ, Pool Deck

The title image features Richcliff pavers.


Winter is the perfect time to think about color. Choosing the right pavers for your pool deck will ensure that the pool is just as beautiful as it is functional, and since the first visual impact of an outdoor space is color, here are tips on incorporating rich colors into your Franklin Lakes, NJ, pool deck.


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Making Color Choices

A paver’s color richness basically comes down to how far away from neutral it is. Light- to mid-tone gray or light sand colors are considered neutral colors for pavers. The further away from these neutral colors (which truly “go with everything”), the richer the color.  


Rich color can be achieved on both the cool or warm end of the spectrum: for example, warm earthy tones or cool grays and blues can both look rich. Warmer colors give your pool area a more relaxed feel, while cooler colors add sophistication.


Smooth, sleek Umbriano pavers from Unilock range from the neutral Summer Wheat to the vivid and warm tones of Autumn Sunset or the dramatic Harvest Brown. On the cooler side, Winter Marvel offers a rich gradation of color that looks absolutely stunning on a large pool deck. What makes Umbriano stand out is the use of fine granite particles that give the pavers an amazing depth, and the light reflected off the granite particles amplifies the pavers’ rich colors.


Beacon Hill Flagstone from Unilock offers a choice of eight colors to complement any aesthetic style. The richest of these are Fossil (on the cooler end of the spectrum) and Bavarian (on the warmer end). When the sun is low on the horizon, the textures and colors are enhanced for a spectacular look rich in both color and texture.


Keep in mind that pavers become somewhat darker when wet, which will enhance their richness.


You may be wondering whether it is possible to achieve richness of color on a light-colored paver. Richness in color doesn’t necessarily mean dark. Beacon Hill Smooth pavers from Unilock come in an extraordinary mid-tone color called Steel Mountain, which features a mix of grays and pinks to achieve a natural bluestone look. The lightest color available in Thornbury (another flagstone-textured paver) is called Almond Grove, which is a warm mid-tone coffee-with-cream colored paver that isn’t particularly dark, but filled with character. Unilock Artline pavers are also offered in a wide range of colors, the richest of which are Copper Ridge (warm) and Steel Mountain (cool).


The Right Paver for Your Pool Deck

Before choosing colors, look at the location of the pool deck and the amount of light it receives during the day. Also consider whether you want the pool deck to stand out as an important landscape feature, or blend naturally into the surroundings—for example if you want to achieve a natural hot springs look complete with lush vegetation. Lighter pavers will brighten the space in a heavily wooded backyard, and darker pavers will soften the look of a pool surrounded by an expanse of lawn. 


If your landscape is new and trees have not yet matured, consider going with a mid-tone paver such as Richcliff in Dawn Mist. This is a prime example of an extremely versatile paver that combines warm and cool colors for a varied tone with amazing depth, and the color variation ensures that it will be a perfect complement to your home, no matter the home’s dominant color.


Download the free Unilock Design Catalog for inspiration to help you choose the perfect richly colored paver for your pool deck.


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Incorporating Rich Colors Into Your Franklin Lakes, NJ, Pool Deck