Incorporating Paving Stones in your Asphalt or Gravel Driveway in Rochester, NY


The front of your house is its greeting to you and the people who might visit your home, and your driveway forms a huge part of this first impression. In Rochester, NY, driveways made of asphalt or gravel are a common feature. However, while gravel and asphalt driveways can be appealing on their own, they can always benefit from the added visual appeal and strength of Unilock concrete pavers. Here we’ll take a look at how this can be achieved without a replacement of the entire driveway surface.


How to create a visually appealing gravel driveway while keeping it functional

Gravel can be used to create an attractive rustic setting, especially in conjunction with an abundance of trees and flowers adorning the front of your house. However, without strong edges, gravel will spread around, becoming thin and worn and littering your yard with tiny stones. An excellent way to avoid this problem is to contour your driveway with attractive pavers that complement the aesthetic of your home. There are a number of paver options offered by Unilock that go well with gravels and can add charm and distinction to your gravel driveway.

Consider Brussels Block for an antiqued, tumbled finish that corresponds well with the rich texture of gravel. Its irregular edges allow for a classic look and there are a number of natural color options available to choose from.

Thornbury is another excellent driveway paver that can be used in conjunction with gravel.  Thornbury’s surface displays random, earthy textures, making it easy to create natural looking borders. The variety of sizes available for Thornbury make it an excellent option for creating thick edges that run alongside your driveway surface, providing walkway room and keeping the gravel contained.


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How to give character to your asphalt driveway

Asphalt driveways can look black, flat and boring unless tied to a complementing element in the landscape. One method to do this is by using edging as outlined above. Another is by introducing a driveway apron created using pavers.

A driveway apron is that decorative strip that runs across a driveway, linking the road and the driveway. While creating an interesting effect, driveway aprons also fulfill the function of protecting the entrance of your property against heavy vehicular loads and provide additional grip to steep driveways. Driveway aprons are normally around 8-15 feet deep, but can extend further to accommodate the dimensions of a longer driveway.

Two excellent pavers for this function are Il Campo and Eco-Priora. Il Campo has brushed irregular lines on its surface and adds a striking contrast to the regular texture of an asphalt driveway, while Eco-Priora provides a traditional brick-style look. Choose the deep red of either paver’s Heritage Brown color options to ensure a warm welcoming to your entrance and the perfect match to the black of asphalt.

A driveway apron can also be combined with decorative edging for an attractive, well-finished look. Consider an Eco-Priora apron and combination Eco-Priora, Brussels Block border for stunning and unified driveway design.


The title image features a driveway paved with Eco-Priora in Heritage Brown with an Il Campo finish.


Incorporating Paving Stones in your Asphalt or Gravel Driveway in Rochester, Buffalo NY