Ideas for Retaining Walls that Enhance your Cape Vincent, Clayton, Alexandria Bay Landscape


Whether you’re dealing with a lack of space, uneven ground, or the effects of erosion, retaining walls are ideal solutions to these common landscaping challenges. Fortunately, this solution also provides the opportunity to enhance the look of your property in Cape Vincent, Clayton, or Alexandria Bay, NY as well.


Build Up a Bed

Typically, retaining walls are used when erosion is an issue for the property. These walls are tough and made to withstand the pressures of water and soil when properly constructed. You can take advantage of this strength by authorizing your contractor to bring in soil and build up a space for a natural plant display. Not only will this effort increase the available space for plantings, it also adds depth to the landscape for a stunning visual transformation. Be sure to include evergreens appropriate for your climate for year-round visual interest and greenery. With a multi-level yard, your plant beds can be elevated to a new status, both metaphorically and physically.

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Wall-Top Planters

While retaining walls may enclose raised plant beds, this is not always the case. Utilizing the coping surface atop your retaining wall to house potted plants is an excellent way to up your softscape quotient within your yard and complement the rugged textures and earthy colors provided by Unilock wallstone systems. Unilock offers products that are perfect for this effort, including Brussels Fullnose Coping with its smooth surface and round edges or Ledgestone Coping for hand-carved character and universal appeal. Coping not only provides a finished look for your walls, but also extends the surface area, making them perfect for housing potted plants or planter boxes.


Contrasting Colors

Another way retaining walls can enhance your landscape is by selecting materials that incorporate bold colors that contrast with plant life or other features of your yard or home. Since Unilock wallstone product come in such a huge variety of shades, you can choose a light color that contrasts with the beautiful green of your plantings, such as Brussels Dimensional Stone in the Sandstone color variation or pick a deeper shade such as Midnight Charcoal to contrast with lighter features. Incorporating a coping finish that contrasts with the wall can also create a striking effect. Whether you prefer the hand-carved look of Ledgestone Coping or the natural rock finish of Estate Wall Coping from Unilock, you can honor the architectural tradition of your home while still choosing a color that enhances the greenery on display. The effect of contrasting your botanical softscapes against the luxurious, high end hardscapes can result in a stunning property transformation.


Getting the Right Help

Taking a property and making it over is a job best left to experts in the field. They understand the issues that particular properties face and have the experience required to offer sustainable solutions. In addition, their experience and backgrounds make it possible to plan and construct a grand design that is appropriate for your home and land. Consider making use of a Unilock Authorized Contractor in Cape Vincent, Clayton or Alexandria Bay for best results.


The title image features a retaining wall built from Pisa2 from Unilock.


Ideas for Retaining Walls that Enhance your Cape Vincent, Clayton, Alexandria Bay NY Landscape

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