Ideal Features for your Winter Landscape Remodel in Oyster Bay, NY



Winter is looming over the horizon, accompanied by enough snow, frost and rain to transform your landscape into a winterscape for months. Fortunately, there are various ways to get your Oyster Bay, NY, backyard ready for winter and truly exploit the season’s beauty. As many of your plants periodically wither away, your hardscape draws even more attention. These hardscape features therefore play an essential role in boosting the curb appeal of your home during this season.


Fire features

Fire features are a must-have once fall arrives. Their warmth enhances the cozy atmosphere of your outdoor space and draws everyone closer. They also bathe the area in visual warmth, creating soft reflections upon nearby pavers and adding a deep orange glow to the color scheme of the landscape. Estate Wall from Unilock bears rugged textures that reflect light brilliantly and add a rustic touch to the space. Consider surrounding a circular fire pit with a low, rounded wall. This creates casual seating space that won’t get ruined once it begins to snow.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved with Brussels Block, complemented by Brussels Dimensional System verticals with Copthorne accents.


Storage solutions

You don’t have to allow winter to stop you from adding luxurious upholstered pillows to your outdoor space. They take outdoor comfort to new heights and bring an element of the indoors out. Low walls and benches can be constructed to contain compartments for the decorative and delicate items within your landscape. As soon as the weather begins to turn, your pillows can be popped into a compartment and you can rest assured that they are protected from the elements.


Freeze-thaw durability

Temperatures tend to drop and rise for a few months, before the worst of winter sets in. During this time, freeze-thaw cycles can impact the strength and appearance of your hardscaping materials, especially your pavers. That’s why Unilock pavers offer unique strength to guard against this. Consider installing your pavers in an interlocking fashion so that freeze-thaw cycles don’t cause them to slip or slide around. Poor quality concrete pavers are also at risk during this time of year. Fortunately, Unilock products are infamous for their indestructibility and crack-resistance. Copthorne pavers, for example, are Imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology and bear four times the strength of poured concrete.


Natural stone features

As winter approaches, landscapes become covered in vibrant orange leaves while even colder months are marked by visually striking blankets of snow. The natural beauty of winter is best complemented by a natural stone hardscape. The subdued neutral shades within these stones can either contrast the brilliance of fall or complement the dormant, muted beauty of winter. Peeking through leaves or snow, their unique textured surfaces enhance the natural look and fairytale appeal of the landscape. Unilock offers a range of Sandstone and Limestone in versatile neutral shades.

However, authentic natural stone is not always financially feasible, especially when a large area requires paving. Fortunately, Unilock also produces a range of concrete pavers that emulate natural stone and are excellent substitutes. Richcliff pavers in the Dawn Mist shade, for example, mimic bluestone and have cold undertones that complement snowy, winter landscapes. Rivercrest Wall, on the other hand, is a reliable, concrete wall material that looks just like real stacked flagstone.

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Ideal Features for your Winter Landscape Remodel in Oyster Bay, NY