How to Landscape Around an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in Fairfield, CT

How to Landscape Around an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in Fairfield, CT


After completion of your home’s hardscapes, bringing the landscape design and patio together is the next step in creating a beautiful and unified exterior. Think about the ways you will be using your outdoor spaces, including fireplaces and fire pits at your Fairfield, Connecticut, home, and how the existing landscape can be tied into your patio layout.


Landscape Enhancements for a Traditional Fireplace

With more traditional fireplace designs, such as the Unilock Tuscany or Barcelona pre-built fireplaces, which have great rustic appeal, you can tie them into the surrounding landscaping, particularly in more wooded areas. If there is gap between your patio and trees, a bed of woody plants and flowers around the edges of the patio walls can help draw the eye from the fireplace to the surrounding woods, and blend the two spaces together. Bringing in short fir trees or shrubs, and tall reedy plants to wrap the outside wall of the patio and fireplace will help to create a cozy room and enhance the feeling of aged stone for an Old World feeling. Richcliff pavers can be used to complement this sort of fireplace design, but can just as easily be used to enhance a more modern fire feature.

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Modern or Contemporary Themes

If your home is a newer construction, or has a larger lawn that extends beyond the patio, a great way to tie the two together is by using a lower fireplace and a few graceful plants around the corners. The Moda fireplace, built using Unilock Lineo Dimensional Stone, allows for a lower profile, so you can gather by the fireplace and still appreciate the large expanse of green around you. Lawn maintenance is very important to the health of your landscape, so planting and mowing evenly will help keep it lush and green, welcoming friends and family to lounge and play. Cap off the end of the lawn with taller shrubs and trees, creating an outer wall of privacy, as well as a beautiful green backdrop to your fireplace.


Incorporating Shrubs and Taller Plants for Comfort and Privacy

Shrubs and taller plants are a great way to make a fire pit a cozy outdoor room as well. If you have a curved, built-in seating area and fire pit at the end of a patio, consider wrapping it with taller shrubs and colorful plant beds. The Rivercrest Firepit Kit and the Rivercrest Wall units from which it is built, have a timeless stacked flagstone feel, and surrounding it with rich greenery will make for a cozy and intimate corner around the fire. The soft wall of plants will keep in the warmth and cut back on cross breezes, as well as create a sense of privacy. You might also wish to add potted plants to your patio to include greenery in the fire pit area, as well as to soften the appearance of the hardscape. Another way to tie the fire pit area into the landscape is by placing it near to slopes or terraces, using the natural rise of the landscape as a wall to create shelter.

The title image features a Richcliff patio with Rivercrest Wall low walls and a Lineo Dimensional Stone pre-built Moda fireplace.


How to Landscape Around an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit in Fairfield, CT