How to Achieve the Look and Feel of Bluestone Using Concrete Pavers in Cold Spring, NY

How to Achieve the Look and Feel of Bluestone Using Concrete Pavers in Cold Spring, NY
The title image features a dry-laid Beacon Hill Flagstone patio.


Bluestone is a favorite among homeowners and designers who want to achieve a character-filled outdoor space. However, natural bluestone has a few important shortcomings that may leave you wondering if there are alternatives. This article will tell you about them—here’s how to achieve the look and feel of bluestone using concrete pavers in Cold Spring, NY.


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What You Need to Know About Bluestone

Bluestone is a type of flagstone found almost exclusively in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area. Its distinctive bluish tint works equally well in every setting, including rustic, luxurious, traditional, ultramodern, farmhouse, cottage, and contemporary. While each stone has a unique beauty, the finished product marries the individual characteristics of each stone for a finished product that is absolutely one of a kind.


Bluestone tends to be most popular in dry residential applications such as patios, where it is prized for its varied appearance. However, natural bluestone is not typically used at poolside or near hot tubs since it tends to be quite slippery when wet, and may absorb heat from the sun to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to walk on. Unsealed bluestone also has a tendency to spall (flake) due to scuffing from foot traffic and moisture infiltration from the freeze-thaw cycle. Spalling can cause a tripping hazard, or even cuts on bare feet.


There are alternative options to bluestone from Unilock so that you can achieve the wonderful character and timeless beauty of natural bluestone but with lower-maintenance and safer products. 


Unilock Bluestone Alternatives

Bluestone features the pronounced texture of other types of sandstone. This adds visual interest to your outdoor space, as well as an authentic look. Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers from Unilock are available in three colors that, when mixed on site, give your patio a “true blue” bluestone look: Fossil, New York Blend, and Steel Mountain. 


Unilock Beacon Hill Smooth pavers are also offered in three colors that mimic bluestone: Fossil, Sierra, and Steel Mountain. This paver is a perfect choice if you desire a less textured paver. Like Beacon Hill Flagstone, this paver is available in a random bundle of three modestly sized units, plus a generous XL size (sold separately).


Unilock Richcliff pavers are difficult to distinguish from natural bluestone thanks to their incredibly realistic texture. Reala Surface Technology takes casts from real flagstone for a completely natural and random textured appearance. You don’t have to worry about a pattern repeat with Richcliff pavers. You can achieve a random and natural bluestone look by having Smoke Shale and Dawn Mist combined on site. For a dramatic modern and clutter-free look, choose Richcliff pavers in a large format size. 


Although you can mix and match two or three colors from each paver type to achieve an authentic random bluestone look, there is enough variation in Unilock pavers (thanks to their blended colors). Whether you mix colors or stick to just one, the look will still be varied enough to give you the visual appeal of bluestone.


All Unilock pavers give you peace of mind: a barefoot-friendly non-slip finish, durability and strength, long-lasting color, and finishes that make cleanup a breeze. And of course, all Unilock pavers are backed by our ironclad guarantee. Any of these high quality pavers are perfect for transforming your outdoor living space into an amazing backyard retreat filled with personality!


To see Unilock bluestone alternatives in person, visit a Unilock Idea Center or connect with your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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How to Achieve the Look and Feel of Bluestone Using Concrete Pavers in Cold Spring, NY