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How These 3 Patio Pavers Can Make Your Outdoor Space Multifunctional in Ballenger Creek, MD


The title image features Beacon Hill Flagstone patio pavers.


A multifunctional outdoor space gives you options. These options depend on the right types of pavers—pavers that are durable enough and beautiful enough to do double duty. Unilock offers a selection of pavers that fit the bill. Here is how three patio pavers in particular could help to make your outdoor space multifunctional in Ballenger Creek, MD.


What Kinds of Applications Are Suitable for Pavers?


People tend to think about patios, walkways, and pool decks when they think about pavers. And while most paver projects are centered on these types of outdoor living spaces, select pavers can also do heavier-duty jobs like driveways (not to mention commercial applications). When it comes to residential projects, there may be instances where you want your pavers to be ready for anything. The following Unilock pavers are known for being versatile, capable of handling whatever your lifestyle throws at them.


Pavers fall into two categories—those that are for purely pedestrian applications and those that can also handle vehicular loads.



1. The Hex Paver (including the Granito line): These hexagonal pavers are extremely versatile in that their shape and thickness can handle both pedestrian and vehicular situations.They can be ideal for driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks.


Why would you want to use this versatile paver in your landscape? These patio pavers can be an ideal choice if you want to maintain a uniform theme throughout your landscape yet still retain the flexibility of mixing styles. The fun hexagonal shape makes for an interesting hardscape feature on its own, but the real magic can come from the choices. Multiple color options as well as several finishes give you unprecedented design capabilities, including mixing and matching various styles for a dynamic space, or keeping things clean and simple with a consistent style throughout.


The Hex pavers can be suitable for modern landscapes, or anywhere you want to infuse some drama or visual interest: The hexagonal pattern itself is timeless, and the look can be amazing next to traditional homes.



2. For a fresh modern look, consider Eco-Promenade: This plank style paver can be installed on a permeable base for an eco-friendlier driveway, patio, walkway, and pool deck. Ideal for landscapes that feature clean modern lines, you can choose between two different textures and three colors.


Why choose permeable pavers? When surface water has a chance to seep into the ground, rather than pooling on the surface or running off, your paver surfaces will stay drier and safer. Use the Il Campo Brushed finish wherever you want extra traction such as a sloped driveway or walkway, or opt for the Smooth finish anywhere you expect frequent barefoot traffic.



3. A similar yet more dynamic look can be achieved using the Promenade Paver: Available in four different finishes, eight colors, and two lengths, this paver can be used to create consistent paver surfaces throughout your landscape, or it can be mixed and matched randomly for a visually stunning look. As with Eco-Promenade, use the Il Campo Brushed finish on surfaces where you need extra traction, and the Smooth, Umbriano Mottled, or Series Exposed finishes where you expect barefoot traffic.

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