Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Modern Water and Fire Features that Will Leave you Speechless in Yorktown Heights, NY

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Modern Water and Fire Features that Will Leave you Speechless in Yorktown Heights, NY


Water and fire features are an absolute must as far as landscaping trends go, especially in the front yard! These features add curb appeal and a luxurious ambience to your home in Yorktown Heights, NY. Here we’ll give you some ideas for modern water and fire features to keep your home on the cutting edge:


Cool Water Features

No matter how big or small your front yard is, a water feature can add a touch of beauty and zen. Keeping it modern is easy enough when you’ve got plenty of high-quality contemporary-style options to choose from! Modern water features often make use of scuppers, which deliver a flat stream of water with a sheet-like appearance into a small pool and recycle it back up for a continuous flow of water. Brussels Dimensional System is a great choice of material for this sort of project, as its wide array of different sizes and shapes gives you enough variety to create your own design. These water features can be constructed to accommodate nearly any shape theme or style you desire, so they can be made to custom fit your home no matter the look you’re going for.

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Hot Fire Features

Fire features are an amazing touch for any home, and are especially compelling when placed in a prominent position in the front yard. One hot idea for a fire feature is to have a fire fountain, designed just like a water fountain but with fire instead of water. This looks especially dazzling when designed for the middle of the yard with plantings around it, with the fountain being the highest point of the design. Another idea sure to light up your hard is a decorative wall along your walkway with firebowls atop pillars every few feet. Even small firebowls will add big flair with glowing orange flames lighting the path. For an ultra-modern material for this project, choose Lineo Dimensional Stone. Its smooth surface and geometric design will give any project a high-end feel. Lineo Dimensional Stone is also ideal for creating a modern fire-table which you can have installed on your front patio.


Combining Water and Fire

There is something about combining water and fire in one feature that results in something spectacular. Perhaps it is because they are two opposite elements that would cancel each other out if they met, but are kept just close enough to tease the senses. One version of this feature is a fire bowl on top of a 360 degree scupper feeding water into a pond. The water circles all around the perimeter of the bowl, where a flame continuously burns despite its nemesis only inches below. This version of the feature can be created in almost any custom design, with more square, geometric shapes, larger or smaller, or even in linear form. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System lets you integrate both smooth and textured surfaces to add even more interest to your design. Create a linear feature with two levels, with fire on top and scuppers or scones feeding water to the bottom level. With a feature like this, you’re sure to impress!

The 2018 Design Idea Catalog is chock full of ideas and examples to help you figure out what design is best for your landscape. With these types of projects, always make sure you’re working with your trusted Unilock Authorized Contractor to ensure a safe, high-quality project.

The title image features a Brussels Dimensional System water feature.